Brian Bossetta
Over the last few years living on Long Island I have come to love the change of seasons as my southern bones have slowly become used to the cold weather, though I very much look forward to the sunny summer days out here. But even though I do love Long Island, I am still, and always will be, a die-hard Who Dat! (for those not from New Orleans that means Saints fan) 
One of the best things about working as journalist on the East End has been my new found love of photography. When not doing so for work, I am often, with camera in hand, taking advantage of the magnificent backdrops and landscapes that this region of the country offers. I'm also an avid runner, which is another reason to appreciate the beauty of the East End. When not writing, which is more often than it should be, I enjoy playing the guitar...so long as no one else is around to hear.
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