Help Wanted: Pool Lifeguards, Managers

Written by Adena Genn

Company offers training for advancement and is hiring in Nassau and Suffolk

If you're looking for work, and are interested in lifeguarding, take note. American Pool Long Island is hiring.

The company is interviewing candidates to staff their pools across Nassau and Suffolk this summer. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply for open lifeguard, pool manager or lifeguard supervisor positions. 

Lifeguards have the opportunity to choose the pool they want to work at on a first come, first served basis. Discounted training courses are available for employees who are not certified or need to take recertification courses.

Interested applicants can register for a lifeguard hiring event and training courses via this link.

The company calls salaries "competitive" and offers referral bonuses, as well as lifeguard training, support and "fun for the whole summer." 

“Lifeguards are the most important part of our company," said Steve Farley, the company's lifeguard recruiting and training director. "We’re here to support and advance them through the company. We will help them and foster their advancement from the day they come in the door to allow them to have the best summer experience possible.” 


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