Seaford District Officials Reflect On Re-Opening Efforts

Superintendent Brian Conboy thanks those who contributed to getting schools back into full operation following Superstorm Sandy.

With a surge of cooperation, camaraderie and support, the Seaford School District re-opened its doors to three of its four schools, Nov. 6, and returned to full operation, Nov. 13 — two weeks after Superstorm Sandy tore through the tri-state region and devastated those in its path. 

Students from the powerless Seaford Harbor Elementary School spent three days receiving instruction at Manor Elementary School where combined classes accommodated the nearly 600 additional students until the school passed an electrical inspection and regained power.

“Everyone has been extremely helpful in executing recovery plans from this unprecedented storm,” said Seaford Superintendent Brian Conboy. “In true Seaford fashion our staff, students and parents came together to almost seamlessly combine two elementary schools and regain a sense of normalcy. I am thoroughly impressed by their outstanding efforts." 

Prior to re-opening, administrators devised a plan to transport Harbor Elementary students to and from Manor Elementary School and instituted other instructions to ensure a smooth transition for all students and staff. The plan was posted on the district website and announced through the district’s automated phone system, Shout Point.

Families have been asked to update their child’s emergency contact information and contact the district if they find themselves newly eligible for transportation or reduced or free meals due to the impact of Superstorm Sandy. For more information, visit www.seafordschools.k12.ny.us.

VL November 25, 2012 at 08:35 PM
Tom 8:51 am on Sunday, November 25, 2012 On another note, what is the current opposition to the sale of the Seaford Avenue School all about. The proposed builder acquiesced to the desires of some community members relative to the wording of the contract. The district is in DIRE financial straights as a results of a small residential tax base, declining property values, the new 2% tax cap, and a never-ending variety of unfounded mandates from Albany. We are truly hanging on a fiscal cliff. If the district does not realize some relief in the way of new income or exemption from mandates, we will be in serious trouble soon. Please explain to me, seriously, why we should wait. The building is crumbling, not fit for use by anyone, would cost an estimated $6 million to retrofit to present health and safety codes, etc. where is the logic in the opposition? I have lived in Seaford for over 40 years and don't get it! Eighth line, yes it is you. No, they do not give out the name to more than one person.
VL November 25, 2012 at 08:36 PM
It is not the “strength of your argument,” is it is just not an educated one, just a parroted one. ADR I am not arguing with you. I am though quite curious how you actually find the truth of a situation. To read the media sources (which are neutral or vary in opinion), or listen strictly to the emotional reasoning for either pro or con (of this topic or any other important topic) is a waste of time. I am simply asking you to enquire unbiasedly, research a bit, and then profess your opinion.
Lorraine DeVita November 26, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Tom- Why do we need this building is a valid question- The need to keep the building is evident with the LACK of much needed relief space in Seaford. thats the current most obvious need. However for this district to go forward EDUCATIONALY we need to address HOw we educate and WHERE- By possibly creating an actual data center in this budiling , house the adminsitration and removing it from the Manor , by possibly creating a early education center grades PRE- K thru 2 in a centraly located out of harms way location, by designating ONE buidling as the community resource for meetings etc. removing people from having access to ALL the buidlings in the district and just allowing ONE budiling to be used. By creating a possible ALTERNATIVE location If something happens to the harbor school in a crisis. There are a myriad of ways that budiling could not only be utilized by the district but also we could have additional revue by renting part of it out to SCOPE for after school and pre school care and actualy MAKE MONEY , or to an early childhood group, SAT/ ACT center, or to a summer program group, etc. Not too long ago the Distrcit was looking to BUY BACK the Jackson ave school.. The buidling has viable uses if renovated. . AND if we go GREEN in the refurb we could have funding available thru grants both State & Private. We just need to look fruther then our noses! http://www.p12.nysed.gov/funding/currentapps.html#cclc
Lorraine DeVita November 26, 2012 at 12:48 PM
By planning LONG TERM- we ultimately save money in the long term while affording our students better options educationaly as well a compromise will also provide some additonal tax revenue while allowing us to keep an asset. What happens LONG term Tom if the HARBOR school is damaged or flooded or cedar creek goes BOOM... WHERE do we put those students LONG TERM ? a week of enjoined classes is fine short term but long term aside from a safety hazzard it is educationaly irresponsible to think that it will be effective or serve the needs of the students. Again we have to PLAN for the future and ALL the contigencies that may come our way including dramatic climatic possibilities. What would The SD have done if the Harbor school situated next to treatment plant and in a flood zone was closed indefinately? PUNT? or possibly send the students and staff to school in the 112 condos?
Lorraine DeVita November 26, 2012 at 02:29 PM
If we can have a "Field of Dreams" How about a HI tech- GREEN Educational and community center that meets everyones needs not just a few? If we can INVEST millions in sports why cant we invest in our FUTURE educationaly and create something that will serve and support ALL our students. This budiling has th epossibility to be so much more then just a shadow of the past it could possibly be a path to an enlightened future. Please vote NO lets do something extraordinary for our students and our comunity rather then just something that is a stop gap in the continued erstwhile questionable spending habits & priorites. Being educationaly and fiscaly proactive rather then reactive. This sale as it is NOW is a knee jerk reaction to very POOR financial choices in the past and substancialy resolves nothing short OR long term.


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