Southampton Residents Can Get More Rebate Money for Using Alternative Energy

The town will be providing up to $3,500 for the installation of a solar system and $500 for a geothermal, solar hot water, system.

If you are a Southampton resident and on the fence about having solar or thermal heat installed in your home, here is some news. 

Recently, the Town of Southampton, passed legislation, sponsored by Councilman Chris Nuzzi, that provides up to $3,500 for the installation of a solar system and $500 for a geothermal, solar hot water, system.

In addition, the town will provide an expedited review and waiver of the building permit fee for any residential subdivision application where all resultant dwellings will derive 50% or more of their total energy consumption from solar energy.

Previously, the town only offered a $2,500 rebate for solar electric/photovoltaic systems.

“It’s essential that we continue to explore and promote environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuel on all levels of government,” said Councilman Chris Nuzzi. 

According to the town, alternative energy companies are praising the update to the legislation. Mike Bailish, VP of Sales and Marketing for SUNation Solar Systems, Inc. said, "Southampton has always been a leader in promoting renewable energy, and we in the solar industry applaud their efforts.” 

Patch wants to know: Will you be applying for Southampton's alternative energy rebates?
muskrat October 15, 2013 at 06:27 PM
Running for election now are we Chris Nuzzi? Funny that you weren't so interested in all this several years ago.


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