Video: Planning Commission Member Ed Simioni Seeks School Board Seat

Ed Simioni wants students to have the opportunity to develop to the best of their abilities.

Ed Simioni, 59, has been an international freight forwarder since 1978, as president since 1983 and presently as the managing member of his firm.

He worked his way through college in the airline industry, taking advantage of the co-op program at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass.

Simioni graduated in 1970 from Notre Dame International High School, Rome, Italy. He then went on to Northeastern, where he graduated in 1975 with a B.S. in management and marketing.

He has been a full-time resident of the since 2001 and has maintained a residence in Southampton Village since 1983. He joined Rotary International in 2005 and is a member of the .

Simioni is married to Alison and has three boys who attend Southampton Public Schools: Adrian, Eric and Evan.

Patch asked Simioni three questions. Here are his answers in his own words:

What qualifies you to be a member of the school board?

I am probably the least qualified since I do not like politics, but as a lifelong manager I am results oriented and like to get to the point. I am no stranger to boards, where I apply my experience and a good dose of common sense.

Why do you want to be a member of the school board?

I like to be involved in matters that affect my community and my family. I have three children in the school system and my wife and I are passionate that they should have the opportunity to develop to the best of their abilities and have a chance to be accepted at the college of their choice. What better way to assist in this goal than to be part of the process. 

If elected, what changes would you like to see at Southampton Schools?

Quite frankly, I like the Southampton School District and my children are thriving. We have very good teachers and AP programs are available for those who are interested. Although small, the school also offers music and athletic programs.

Of course there is always room for improvement and one must strive for excellence in education. More than changes, what I want to see is a collaborative effort to further build on what we already have.

“Meet the Candidates Night” will be held May 11 between 6:30 and 9 p.m. at the library. The will take place May 17 in the intermediate school music room.

Jerry Can May 13, 2011 at 01:25 AM
I'm not like ly to vote for you so impress me with your answer to the following and maybe I'll change my mind. My primary concern is would you eliminate all these cross subsidies to non-profit organizations in the town and allocate this money instead to special needs education?


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