No Surprises in Uncontested Elections

Southampton and Sagaponack village election results.

Both Sagaponack and Southampton villages had uncontested elections on Friday, and despite a few write-ins, there were no surprises.

Three incumbents were re-elected in Sagaponack and one incumbent and one newcomer eased to victory in Southampton.

In the race for two trustee seats, Planning Board Chairman , of the Patriot Party, received 192 votes and incumbent Trustee Richard Yastrzemski, of the Citizens With Integrity Party, received 160 votes.

Irving will replace Trustee Bonnie Cannon, a member of the Citizens With Integrity Party who .

In Sagaponack, 80 people participated in the election.

Mayor Donald Louchheim was re-elected with 70 votes, Trustee Lee Foster received 77 votes and trustee Lisa Duryea Thayer earned 76.

For mayor, Nancy Davis and Gary Ireland received two votes each. Paul Brennan, Roland Cain and Charlie Sheen got one vote each.

For trustee, Susan Meisel received two votes, and Louis Meisel, Paul Brennan and David Dakers III each received one vote.

Thomas Fleisig August 01, 2012 at 02:16 PM
It's no wonder that Richard Yastrzemski is in politics. In addition, he ENJOYS screaming and abusing women. He never says "I'm sorry for being so rude" to women. Richard Yastrzemski's views about women he can't have, since he's so use to having it his way, is to yell and scream at them for being married!!!
Liam Finney August 02, 2012 at 08:44 PM
Rich Yastrzemski solicited us for his business. When my wife spoke with him he screamed bloody hell that she was married. What a jerk. And he signs his letters as the "YAZ". Sorry! There is only one "YAZ" and thats Carl Yastrzemski. Now there's a guy with CLASS!! Rich Yastrzemski calls himself "Mr. Integrity!" YUK ... YUK!!!
Michael DeSunno August 02, 2012 at 08:49 PM
Yastrzemski calls himself not only "THE YAZ" but "MR. INTEGRITY"? My Golden Retriever and Jack Russell have more integrity. He's ugly!!!
Concetta DePaola August 02, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Mr. Integrity? Huh! He screamed at my mother too! I called him back and screamed at him. He has NO RESPECT for women. He loves abusing women. I did get my mothers' money through other channels. I say "VOTE THE IDIOT OUT OF OFFICE"!!! He only got into office because of being named "Yastrzemski". PEOPLE of Southampton open your eyes, ears, and brains: He's not the famous baseball player named Carl Yastrzemski. The baseball player has so much class and manners. This "wannabe" called Yastrzemski is a snob and a nobody. Mr. Integrity my foot. My beagle has more integrity and looks better. Fat Man!!!
Colin Chapman August 02, 2012 at 09:01 PM
Mr. Integrity? Mr. Fat Man! Mr. Scream at Women! What a jerk!!! He's a womanizer and abuses them to no end. He's the LOW LIFE!!! Women of the world wise up to this idiot.


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