LIPA: Power Restoration 90 Percent Friday

Company says it will work through weekend to restore power on Long Island.

The Long Island Power Authority believes it will hit its goal for power restoration Friday.

"We continue to expect that 90 percent of all outages will be restored by the end of the day, with the majority or 99 percent to be restored sometime Sunday," LIPA chief Michael Hervey said at a morning news conference.

The utility said that as of Friday morning, it had restored over 445,000 outages. But that still left 78,000 Long Island customers without electricity.

LIPA is also worried that Mother Nature may add to its problems over the weekend.

"We are somewhat concerned about the weather forecast Sunday, which calls for thunderstorms," Hervey said. "We will work through those storms as safely as we can, but those storms may well add additional outages."

LIPA said it will work through the weekend and Hervey said that "our entire workforce will be available."

But the staffing for the weekend will depend on the size of the job. 

"Staffing levels will remain the same to the extent that at some point we decide to rampdown because we're finished," Hervey said, adding, "we would hope that would be over the weekend."

The LIPA chief did say some of the tougher jobs will be the final ones.

"We've addressed many of the larger outages, and now we're addressing the smaller more complex outages."

Hervey and John Bruckner, National Grid's President of Long Island Transmission and Distribution, said they couldn't say how much overtime they will pay over the holiday weekend since they're dealing with many different employment contracts for the restoration jobs.

Bruckner said that they're getting addtional help on Friday from National Grid workers who have finished power restoration upstate.

In total, there are 7,500 workers on the job as of Friday, according to Bruckner.

While Hervey said the power restoration has been proceeding along as quickly as they said it would, he once again said he understood the frustration of those still in the dark.

"It's been a difficult, difficult week for many of our customers. Many having power out much longer than anticipated," Hervey said. "I certainly want our customers to know that we have put every last resource available that we can use into power restoration."

Mark Wilson September 04, 2011 at 02:28 PM
AND Linda, when they trim that tree, on or near your property..they don't pick up the debris...they leave it where it drops ! Great union contract they've got going for themselves there !
Linda Novick September 04, 2011 at 08:13 PM
Sorry that might have been your experience, had the total opposit. Trimmed, cleaned up and took away. I say again, LIPA must plan for the future with correct tree trimming procedures.
Mark Wilson September 04, 2011 at 08:43 PM
The previous week to the hurricane, my brother-in-law had to call LIPA to trim tree limbs away from his lines, and they cut the limbs and the limbs literally dropped where they fell, and he had to hire a private tree service to pick them up. Guess they have a PR problem, hey ? And we are talking about large and small tree limbs, with debris.
Lisa November 08, 2012 at 05:17 PM
I find Lipa to be a criminal organization. They steal our money then leave us to freeze to death. Unlike many others I am not a homeowner, I am a renter and I have been abandoned by both lipa and my landlord who has abandoned me for his summer home that has heat and hot water. Meanwhile I am without power for 11 days, have no way to cook as my only appliance is an electric stove and cannot bathe as my apartment is a toasty 30 degrees with freezing cold water coming out of the tap. People forget that huntington has many folks living in accessory apartments who have no where else to stay. If my power isn't back on by friday and I am going to call everyone in the west hills/huntington station phone book to organize a protest at the Lipa Executives homes. I'm sure those overpaid sociopaths are plenty toast in their little mcMansions. Would any of you folks like to join? Spread the word. It's funny how corporations get their butts in gear when people get aggressive.
Lisa November 08, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Furthermore, I would also like to inquire as to what the issue is in Huntington station and West Hills. We are not in a flood ravaged area and most trees have been removed at this point so it's just a matter of getting a crew there to restring the wires. I fail to understand what the hold up is. I read that a block in Levitown was experiencing the same thing and when they got a hold of someone at lipa they were told there was no "ticket" for their area and no one was ever going to come help them because of it. This just screams corporate mismanagement and incompetence at a criminal level. People are dying here.... the elderly, those with health problems and children are going to start getting sick if this situation is not rectified soon. I would like to request that the reporters at Patch aggressively get to the bottom of what the hold up is. It makes no sense that people in non-flood zones are waiting this long. We in west hills/ hunt station had the same time of damage from Irene and we only waited 4 days for power. Something is fishy here, Lipa is lying to us. Rumor has it that lipa won't get power back for us until "maybe" Thanksgiving and they are just lying to keep the public from going crazy. Please find out the truth patch. Thanks. ps: forgive the typos, I am in the dark.


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