King, Wright, Gumbs Are Victors in Shinnecock Election

Gordell Wright and Lance Gumbs returned to Shinnecock Nation Board of Trustees after short absence.

The , who pride themselves on being the "oldest self-governing tribe of Indians in the United States," held their annual trustee election Tuesday, re-electing one incumbent and returning two former trustees to the board.

Trustee Chairman Randy King received the most votes, earning a seventh one-year term.

Gordell Wright , but came in second in Tuesday's race, retaking his seat on the board. This is his fourth term.

Lance Gumbs placed in third, returning him to the board for a ninth term after a one-year absense.

Incumbent Trustee Fred Bess, who has served six terms, came up short, ending in fourth with 100 votes, 19 behind Gumbs.

In the 2011 race, Bess and Gumbs tied for third initially, but . According to the tribe, it was the first runoff the Shinnecocks ever had since adopting the three-trustee system in 1792.

Incumbent Gerrod Smith did not seek re-election in 2012.

Full results:

Randy King: 177
Gordell Wright: 125
Lance A. Gumbs: 119
Fred Bess: 100
Michelle Johnson: 60
Jennifer Cuffee-Wilson: 21

Skratch'em April 05, 2012 at 03:54 PM
How does lance gumbs keep his hold on leadership in the tribe? Cats not a good dude. For a long time.


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