Havens Beach Clean-Up Approved, Finally

Contamination from a drainage ditch has been debated since the 1990s.

Fifteen years and many meetings later, the clean-up work at in Sag Harbor is ready to move forward.

According to , the remediation work to improve the water quality and safety at the village's only bathing beach was approved this week. The Sag Harbor Village Board and the Village Harbor Committee gave a nod to the plan formulated by Inter-Science Associates.

The work is estimated to cost about $200,000.

Since the 1990s, the village has taken questions and debated about pollution from a creek that flows into a drainage ditch at the bathing beach. There had been reports of skin rashes and eye and ear infections with fecal coliform the probable cause. Signs, warning bathers, was finally installed a few years ago.

Stormwater from more than 20 acres flows into the ditch.

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