Hattrick Pitches New, Bigger Deck for Dune Beach

Southampton Village trustee says donations can pay for materials.

Southampton Village Trustee Bill Hattrick envisions adding to the enjoyment of Dune Beach — the village's only resident-only beach — with a bigger deck that will be more suited for special events.

Hattrick said at the Aug. 9 Village Board meeting that he wants the village to build a new deck that is double the size of what is there now, and raise it. He also suggested a canopy for beachgoers to get out of the sun.

“I think it will add to the enjoyment down there,” he said, nothing that residents have events at the beach such as weddings.

To pay for the materials for the project, Hattrick said the village can seek a donor, who will be recognized by a plaque on the new deck.

Hattrick said he would like to see the village's own workers complete the deck, rather than hiring a private company to do the job. He said village workers are good craftsman and it will be a point of pride for them to have a hand in such a visible project.

Meadow Lane August 20, 2012 at 01:33 PM
The only thing that Hattrick wants is another plaque with his name on it. This time he's proposing more and more decking to cover the very dune area that we're trying to preserve. This isn't your own beach club, Bill, so let's keep the size down to that which has serviced the area and our neighborhood well over the years it has been there. And, have you considered parking? The more deck, the more parking that will be needed. Really Bill, you need to put a leash on your ego.
John Maranov August 20, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Bill Hattirick has always had the overall best interests of village residents at the core of all the things he has done for this village.
Sean Hattrick August 23, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Teacher II, My father has never spent a day of his life at Dune Beach although it was during his administration that the property was purchased. His beach going days are long since over. My family however, did spend our first day ever there this summer and it was truly beautiful and I thank the village for allowing us that. We got a ride with my sister who is a village resident. Next time you see me there, introduce yourself. My name is Sean Hattrick.
Sean Hattrick August 23, 2012 at 03:16 PM
Dear Meadow Lane, The article stated that Bill Hattrick would seek a donor if the idea passes and that perhaps "they" would get a plaque with their name on it, not him. The way you get your name on a plaque is by doing something good, not anonymously posting nasty, half-true blogs. It is just an idea and you are certainly entitled to your opinion on the issue and your points are well taken. However, when you get insulting, it is a good habit to do it by name. I have found that one tends to be more respectful, thoughtful and truthful when your name is attached to your words. My name is Sean Hattrick. What is yours?
East End Farmer August 23, 2012 at 04:08 PM
Meadow...You've hit the nail on the head in my opinion. The beauty of our world class beaches has long been established with awards given to our village year after year. Their natural beauty is what makes them shine, not the manmade beach clubs and large homes that litter the surrounding dunes. Best of all; public access is assured and easily made by any number of access points. None of them are "exclusive" or "elusive". The idea of building a carnival-like structure, such as Trustee Hattrick has proposed at Cooper's Beach is about as appealing as a Nathan's Hot Dogs stand along our natural shoreline. It doesn't matter who funds it, but rather, what it looks like and says about "us". Like the nitrites and nitrates that fill those little pups, it goes against the natural atmosphere that we all enjoy...let's keep it simple and natural...no big deck structures and no big hot dog stands...leave the traditional appearance of our seafront "as is". Even if it's seems outdated and, at times, needs some paint and repairs. That's the character of Southampton we're trying to preserve because "we love it".


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