Commercial Truck Ban Pitched for Noyac Road

According to The Sag Harbor Express, commercial trucks weighing more than 5 tons would need pre-approval to drive on Noyac Road under a current proposal.

After more than two dozen speakers voiced opposition to on Noyac Road, The Sag Harbor Express reports that a revised plan was announced on Tuesday that would ban most commercial traffic exceeding a 5-ton limit.

According to the report, commercial traffic exceeding the 10,000-pound limit would need pre-approval from the town. Instances would reportedly include school buses and commercial delivery routes.

The initial proposal, pitched at a March 28 Noyac Civic Association meeting, reportedly called for a concrete median and blocking access to Bay Road from Noyac Road.

To read the article at sagharboronline.com.

Jaguar-Guy April 13, 2012 at 11:47 AM
That is a great idea. The roadways are SO tremendously packed from spring through fall, that these HUGE trucks make Noyak very, very dangerous. Brendan, what was the number of accidents there by Cromers Market from a recently published story? Those large trucks speed, break up the roadway and are hazardous to pedestrians and other vehicles on the roadway. I totally support this move.
Peconic Sunset April 13, 2012 at 04:20 PM
The truck traffic makes it very unsafe for smaller cars on this road. Most of the trucks do not obey the 30 mph speed limit and tail gate to make us go faster. I live off of Noyac Road and have to travel on the road. It is harrowing to say the least. I support this proposal 100%.


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