Campaign to "Think Local" When Shopping Launched in Southampton

“Think Local,” a campaign designed to enourage residents and visitors to shop locally and raise awareness of the benefits of keeping local dollars in our community has been launched by Southampton Councilman Stan J. Glinka, the Town of Southampton’s Business Advisory Council (BAC), the Southampton Business Alliance and the Hamptons Visitors Council.

“Patronizing independent, locally owned businesses has been proven to greatly strengthen the overall economic base of a community,” said Business Alliance Executive Director Sheryl Heather. “About three times more of your local spending will stay in our local economy compared to buying from a chain or non-local business. Among many other benefits, that’s 3 times more local taxes supporting our schools and vital services, and more local job opportunities.”

“Everyone laments the loss of shops on our Main Streets, but they don’t seem to equate this to their own spending habits. Online retailers may seem like a convenient alternative, but they’re not creating any local jobs or sponsoring a local Little League team,” said Councilman Glinka. “Think Local is also more than just retail, it’s using a local landscaper, a local accountant, eating at local restaurants, buying produce from a local farm stand and more.”

 “Vibrant downtowns also make us more attractive to the all-important tourism industry in the Hamptons, so year-round residents need to actively support our local retailers in the off-season,” said Hamptons Visitors Council Chairman Micah Schlendorf. “Each of our hamlets offers something special. As the summer approaches, let’s all remember there’s no better place to spend our money than right here in our own backyard.”

The Business Advisory Council was created in 2009 to address the needs of the business community, working with Town officials to provide advice and technical information on topics of concern and exploring new initiatives. Councilman Glinka serves as the BAC’s Town Board liaison. Businesses interested in more information on the “Think Local” campaign or the BAC may contact Councilman Glinka at 631-287-5745.


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