Altschuler Abandons County Exec Bid, Eyes Bishop Rematch

After screening for county executive nomination, St. James businessman pulls name from ring.

And then there were two.

Hours before the Suffolk County Republican Committee's nominating convention to decide a candidate for county executive, St. James businessman and 2010 Congressional candidate Randy Altschuler announced that he would not seek the county executive nomination and instead focus his energy on a 2012 rematch for New York's First Congressional District.

The Republicans are holding their nominating convention Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Hauppauge Sheraton. The two remaining candidates who screened with the GOP on May 13 are Suffolk County Treasurer Angie Carpenter and Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick, R- St. James.

“The truth is that after falling just short last year, my intent had always been to seek a rematch with Congressman Bishop in 2012 and in the coming days I will file papers making that run official," said Altschuler, through a prepared statement. "I am eager to contrast my record as a successful entrepreneur and small businessman who knows how to create jobs versus Congressman Bishop's record as a tax, spend and borrow politician who has run our economy into the ground." 

Altschuler had previously thrown his hat in the ring for county executive after state Sen. John Flanagan, R-Northport, announced at the end of April he would not seek the Republican nomination. Altschuler screened with the GOP and Conservative Parties in previous weeks.

GOP Chairman John Jay LaValle said he supported Altschuler’s decision to go up against Bishop again. Altschuler lost to Bishop by fewer than 600 votes in 2010.

“Against great odds and several primary opponents, Randy came within a handful of votes of knocking off an entrenched Democrat congressman,” LaValle said. “While initially skeptical of his ability to succeed, I have come to appreciate Randy’s enthusiasm, intellect and dedication to this party’s principles and ideals.”

High Way Worker May 28, 2011 at 02:43 PM
No Fred - it is more like most kool-aid drinking Bishop supporters are praying people will once again be sucked in by bogus claims that miss the point. That will not happen again because the economy under Bishop-Obama is sinking and will continue to sink. The Obama-Bishop crowd I guess have not noticed that this country, thanks to Obama and Bishop type congressmen, has almost doubled its debt in less than two years and has they have led our country to the brink of financial collapse. The BS that the stimulus has returned 41 cents on the dollar is just that. That is the fantasy being weaved by the kool-aid crowd.
JIM MARQUARDT May 28, 2011 at 02:44 PM
If being a socialist means helping the elderly, the sick and disabled, then I'm a socialist too. Throwing around that old canard is ridiculous. The only thing it proves is how heartless the Republicans are. We'll gladly vote for Bishop again.
Mary Beth May 28, 2011 at 03:11 PM
To the posters who comments seem to have been removed, the responses to your postings have nothing to do with liberals, rather they were reasonable rebuttals to a completely misinformed assertion. Firstly, the reason GE paid no taxes has nothing to do with Democrats and everything to do with George Bush and congressional republicans who instated the very legislation that allows them to do so. To blame Obama for this simply shows that you are not interested in facts, only a far right ideology based on hysteria and mistruths. As for GM. President Obama moved forward to bail out this American car manufacturer despite the crazy cries of "socialism" and "government take over" from the radical right. Obama was right to do so. Not only did he save hundreds of thousands of well-paying American jobs, but GM has created over 4,000 new jobs for American workers. Better still, just last week GM paid back its debt to American taxpayers 6 years early! The American taxpayers won big on this one. The American worker scored a huge victory. Rather than resort to ideological hyperbole and outright disinformation, try arguing facts in a rational, adult, and respectable manner and you may find that people respond in kind.
High Way Worker May 28, 2011 at 06:52 PM
Altschuler gets 55% of the vote next time around. If you analyze the results of the last election and assume votes will shift in certain areas of the district being hit hard by gas prices (where people rely on cars to drive 25-30 miles per day) and where businesses have closed, and you figure Altschuler will work hard to get more of the absentee ballots with direct mail, etc. He should swing 5% of the vote which will put him at about 55%. Even a old blue collar guy like me can figure it out.


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