Supervisor: Southampton Fared Well in Blizzard

Southampton Town is still under emergency orders and nobody should be on the roads, the supervisor said.

Despite the blizzard of 2013 blanketing a whopping 18 to 25 inches of snow across Southampton Town, Anna Throne-Holst, the town's supervisor, said the area fared very well during the overnight storm.

"The snow was heavier than expected and the winds were high, but everything is dying down at this time and we are out plowing like crazy," the supervisor said.

Throne-Holst said the town is still under a state of emergency and nobody should be out so that the highway department can do its job to clear all the town's roadways.

"They are plowing as much as they can, but it is slow. It is icy out there," she said.

Throne-Holst expects that the emergency order will be lifted sometime Saturday evening.

While areas to the west and across the bay experienced numerous incidents of calls to police of stranded motorists and residents, Southampton Town, Throne-Holst said, had no incidents.

"We didnt' get a single call to our emergency center," said Throne-Holst. "People headed our call. We did pretty good."

leslie February 09, 2013 at 05:18 PM
the 78 storm was worse than this
Jack February 09, 2013 at 08:44 PM
Dagnabit....the storm of 38 was a humdinger....


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