Police: Scams Warning

Recently there has been an increase in incidents occurring over the telephone, where the caller attempts to fraudulently obtain money from victims using several different “phone scams.” The Southampton Town Police Department wants to alert residents to these fraudulent scams to prevent people from becoming victims.


Never respond to any telephone or internet request for money without first speaking to a trusted friend or relative and your local police department. This includes email communications requesting money as well. If you should receive any of these types of calls, advise the caller you are notifying your local police department and hang up. The public should be aware that all of the below telephone scams have been occurring frequent, and that the scammers can be very aggressive and try to frighten their victims into compliance. No government agency will ever ask you to pay a fine using a Western Union Money Gram or Green Dot Money Card.

“Grandchild (or relative) in Jail” – In this scam, the caller will claim to be a friend or relative that got into trouble or was involved in an accident in another country and needs money to get out of jail. In some cases the scammer will tell the victim they are a police officer and their grandchild (or relative) has been arrested and needs to have money sent to them for bail. The scammer will require that a Western Union MoneyGram or Green Dot Money Card be purchased and the card number provided to them.

“IRS Tax Warrant” – This scam involves a caller who will claim to be an agent or police officer from the Internal Revenue Service calling about a past due tax balance that is owed. The caller will tell the victim that unless the debt is paid immediately they will send a team to the victims’ house to arrest them. The scammer will also request that the “tax debt” be paid with a Western Union MoneyGram or Green Dot Money Card.

“Jury Duty Warrant” – Another popular scam is where the caller will claim to be a police officer or a warrant officer claiming to have a warrant for the victim for failing to report for jury duty. The scammer will claim that unless a fine is immediately paid, the police will be sent to the victims’ house to arrest them. The scammer will then demand that the fine be paid using a Western Union MoneyGram or Green Dot Card Money Card.

The Southampton Town Police ask that anyone with information on any criminal activity call the Southampton Town Police at 631-728-5000, the Southampton Town Detective unit at 631-702-2230, or the Crime Hotline at 631-728-3454. All calls will be kept confidential. You may also email the Southampton Police at crimetips@southamptontownny.gov .


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