Ox Pasture Road Evacuated Due to Gas Leak

Water authority accidentally struck gas main, fire chief says.

Ox Pasture Road residents in Southampton Village have been evacuated due to a gas main leak in the road, Chief Rodney “Chip” Pierson said Friday afternoon around 1:15 p.m.

The fire department has been on scene for two hours, and the chief said he expects the leak to be resolved in an hour, but National Grid is still searching for the shut off. “We have our engines standing by and water source just in case,” he said. The leak started when the Suffolk County Water Authority, digging for a water main, accidentally struck the gas main, Pierson said.

The road is closed between Halsey Neck Lane and First Neck Lane, he said.

In additional to firefighters, personnel are on scene should the need for medical attention arise.

Jerry Can May 28, 2011 at 12:33 AM
"but National Grid is still searching for the shut off." Scary concept. The utility co. doesn't know where to shut off the gas supply, looks like the fire department has no clue either, and the VP of the USA is hanging out a few hundred feet away... and this guy comes along and lights a cigarette..
141 May 31, 2011 at 02:30 PM
"Fire Department has no clue"? That is by far the most ignorant comment of the day! FD's job is to secure the scene, evacuate at least 400ft in all directions and to continuously monitor the scene conditions in attempt to maintain a safe zone and prevent the incident from getting any worse, while waiting for the qualified gas company personnel to secure their utility. It is no different when the FD goes to a live primary wire lying in the street. Would you expect the average firefighter to just walk over, grab the line and move it to the side of the road? No! The gas in incident is no different. So, what you may have seen was the FD doing actually what they are trained to do and qualified to do. You can only do what you are trained to do otherwise bad things happen and fast. Very upsetting to hear you say the FD had no clue, I hope you do not need there help one day because I can’t wait to you apologize to them when they risk everything they have including there lives to protect your loved ones and property. Oh, while volunteering there time!
Jerry Can May 31, 2011 at 05:51 PM
I stand by my earlier comment. I presume that the FD would have an idea in its jurisdiction where the shut off valves are for a gas main. Of course, what is worse is that the gas company did not. If the fire department knew they could have they could have directed the gas personnel to the right spot for them to shut their gas line. And don't pull this guilt trip either. There are taxes paid for their services and annual booster too. I would hope that the FD, and not the volunteers, use this experience to get a plan from the gas company should a similar incident occur. Criticism can be a good thing too.


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