Louchheim, Muse Step Down from Bridgehampton Fire District

Bridgehampton Fire Department Fire Council and Bridgehampton Fire District Board of Commissions at odds, The Southampton Press reports.

Bridgehampton Fire District Commissioners Jeffrey Louchheim and John Muse resigned last week following months of tension between the district and Bridgehampton Fire Department officers, according to .

Lounchheim told The Press that the board of fire commissioners is divided, and he disagrees with those that wish to micromanage the fire department. The Press reports that the commissioners have taken authority away from the department's Fire Council, namely the ability to suspend department members.

The commissioners already overturned a suspension of the chief, Tim Doran, that was carried out by the Fire Council after the way he chastised two department members for improperly storing equipment — putting their names and a snide remark on television screens around the firehouse, The Press reports. Now one of the members says he will sue the district for impugning his character, according to the report.

Also creating turmoil: Portions of the minutes from a July Fire Council meeting, during which the chief was discussed, went missing, the report states.

Read the article at 27east.com.


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