Crimes Nearby: Fugitive Lied About Identity, Cops Say

Also on the East End, an East Hampton man indicted with nearly 70 felonies related to criminal sex acts.

Editor's Note: Information is provided by police departments on the East End. A criminal charge does not imply a conviction.

Recent crimes and arrests reported elsewhere on the East End:


• On Monday, Southold Town police reported that Christopher L. Oliver, 26, of Mohamet, Ill., was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation, and attempted escape on Dec. 2 at 9:43 p.m., after police responded to a report of a subject rummaging through cars on Pequash Avenue in Cutchogue. A man with no identification who identified himself as Christopher Oliver was found in the immediate area matching the suspect's description, police said. The suspect was found to be in possession of marijuana at Midwood and Eastwood Roads in Cutchogue, was arrested and transported to police headquarters in Peconic for processing, at which point he attempted to run from the scene, police said. After being processed as Christopher Oliver, his fingerprint scan indicated Christopher Oliver was in fact Adam Flanigan, a fugitive from justice from Wisconsin, police said. Flanigan was processed under his true identity and held for arraignment. He was charged with forgery, false personation and being a fugitive from justice.

• Donald F. Lechtrecker, 65, of Orient, was charged with trespassing on Dec. 2 at 12:54 p.m., after a 25-year-old resident of Bird’s Eye Road in Orient observed Lechtrecker drive his vehicle on his driveway and told police he wished to press charge against Lechtrecker, police said. He was transported to police headquarters, processed and released on $100 cash bail. Lechtrecker was arrested this past July, after he fired a rifle several times at five construction workers at a job site to the rear of the his residence, police said. The construction workers were not injured during the incident, but their construction vehicles were damaged by the rifle fire. Lechtrecker is due back in court for this incident on Dec. 12.


• After being indicted in April on seven felony sex crimes — including three charges of first-degree rape — an East Hampton man was indicted once again and now stands charged with nearly 70 felonies, all related to criminal sex acts with a minor, after police conducted further investigations. Fidel Castro-Brito, 23, was originally arrested on April 7 after a man went to police saying he allegedly saw Castro-Brito jumping out of his daughter's bedroom window upon his arrival home. He had confronted Castro-Brito months earlier on Facebook and advised him to stay away from his daughter because she is a minor and Castro said he would, he told police. Castro was later arrested by East Hampton Town police and indicted by a Suffolk grand jury. According to the most recent indictment, handed down by a grand jury, the victim Castro-Brito raped on two separate occasions was under the age of 11 years old at the time of the incidents. In April, police interviewed Castro and took a sworn statement, in which he admitted to having sexual intercourse on at least one occasion with the minor, according to police. Three victims in total are referred to in the more recent indictment, all of whom were reported to be under the age of 13 when the incidents spanning from the summer of 2010 through the fall of 2011 occurred. State law protects their identity.


• Two sticky-fingered Scrooges paid a visit to an Aquebogue home a few weeks short of Christmas — and stole the presents right off the front porch. Aquebogue resident Brenda Green said her daughter looked out the window and saw an old blue station wagon pulling into the driveway. Suspects ran to the porch, grabbed the packages, which contained Christmas presents, and sped away, Green said. Riverhead Town police confirmed that on Tuesday at 3:28 p.m., two unknown middle-aged women removed several packages from Green's porch and left the area in an unknown blue station wagon.

• A Riverhead High School student was able to save herself from a possible abduction Wednesday morning. According to Riverhead Superintendent Nancy Carney, the girl was walking to school when a man in a black sedan started making conversation with her. After the girl got away from him, Carney said she noticed that he pulled into the parking lot of Bagel Lovers on Osborn Avenue in Riverhead.  At the same time, a sheriff's deputy happened to be coming out of the eatery, and the student told him what had happened. Once in school, she went straight to administrators, who called the Riverhead Police Department. Police said the incident is under investigation.


• Three Hampton Bays men were arrested last week in a drug bust orchestrated by the East End Drug Task Force, according to Southampton Town police. Police arrested Ronald Jiminez Sr., 63, on felony drug charges last Thursday and two other men were charged with violations of unlawful possession of marijuana. According to police, a search warrant was executed at 30 Springville Rd., in response to investigations concerning ongoing drug sales on the East End. Cocaine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia were reportedly recovered and seized; however, no charges related to drug sales were immediately handed out.

Martha Nassauer December 06, 2012 at 08:48 PM
El Stinkeroo...1 million thumbs up, sir! Incredibly disgusting pig...no....I cannot use that word, as pigs aren't this despicable! The businesses out here that hire illegal immigrants are to blame for the rape of our children, in particular...this incident. Yet, these business owners don't see anything wrong with the practice of hiring this cheap labor. Sadly, reporting the illegals and employers who hire them is not done on an anonymous basis, discouraging complaints. There should be an anonymous hot line for reporting, but our government almost seems to purposely be protecting these illegal behaviors in complicating the reporting process. A "whistle blower" must give their contact information to the IRS, ICE, (applicable authorities), for prosecution purposes, as they are considered witness statements necessary at trial. Who wants that??? Do you want a bunch of illegals coming after you or your family? I don't, yet I know of plenty of illegals and their employers out here. So, this is a reason for the big smile on this disgusting creep's mug. He's repulsive. If I had caught him fleeing my daughter's bedroom window, I would have beat him to a pulp. I would gladly serve time for doing so if convicted by a jury of my peers. Ship this d@u(he back from whence he came. He violated at least one innocent being...HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, A VICTIM UNDER THE AGE OF 11??? SEND HIM AWAY...and yeah, I'd be cool with chopping his nuts off, too. Castrate the pr!(k. He must be STOPPED, PRONTO!
cm December 07, 2012 at 03:02 PM
What judge let this monster out on our streets??? This should be public information. This judge should also be held accountable. The judge's name should be in this article...ummmm patch????
christie nicolle December 07, 2012 at 04:53 PM
is it just now, or have low life sexual deviants always been around?? It's scary to think they'e been around since the beginning of time! Glad they found "it".
Stinker December 07, 2012 at 05:25 PM
So this one is not good but the one with the hidden camera at the charity modeling show is perfectly fine? Its hard to follow which sexual predators you like and which ones you don't like.
Jaguar-Guy December 07, 2012 at 09:33 PM
I hope they put Fidel Castro away for 10 lifetimes and the boys make his life a living HELL. What a complete piece of $hit.


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