Cops: Construction Trailers Looted At Water Mill Job Site

Also a work van deserted on County Road 39 is stolen in broad daylight.

Southampton Town police released the following incident reports for the week of Nov. 11.

Water Mill

  • A resident on Crescent Avenue called 911 on Nov. 9 to report that someone has been repeatedly dumping litter on the roadway near his home. According to police the resident called around 10:30 a.m. after he went outside and discovered that most recently someone had dumped a ping-pong table and several potted plants on the roadside. Police have no further information at this time, but notified the highway department to pick up the litter.
  • Two contractors called police on Nov. 4 to report that their construction trailers were broken into sometime between Nov. 2 and Nov. 4 while they were parked at a job site at an undisclosed street in Water Mill. According to police whoever committed the crime had cut the locks securing the trailers by using some sort of power tool and stole three bundles and one roll of copper tubing valued at more than $6,000 from one trailer. They then stole a gas compressor and an extension level valued at $1,150 from the second trailer. According to police they did receive a suspicious incident report at around 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 3, when someone observed a male subject riding a bicycle north on Ocean Road from Mecox Road while carrying a roll of copper. Police went to the location and searched for the man on the bicycle but came up empty. Detectives have been handed the case and the investigation is ongoing.


  • Police are investigating a three-car accident that occurred on Nov. 7 in which one of the drivers sped off without stopping to exchange information. According to police the complainant was driving a 2009 Nissan east on County Road 39 in Southampton when he rear-ended a 2005 Toyota and stopped short after the collision. It was then that the vehicle traveling behind him slid and rear-ended the complainant’s vehicle, damaging the rear bumper. When the two original vehicles pulled to the side, the third vehicle sped off in an unknown direction. The investigation is ongoing.
  • Someone stole a 1999 GMC van sometime between 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Nov. 5. According to police the victim called 911 to report that the van was taken while parked on County Road 39, after the victim had left the keys in the ignition. The victim said the keys were inside because he was attempting to start the van after it suffered a blown head gasket. The van has not been located and there are no witnesses to the crime at this time. At the time of the theft, the van had contained a stainless steel sink of undisclosed value. Police are investigating the incident.


  • A Sag Harbor man who was shopping at the Bridgehampton Commons on Nov. 7 had his vehicle broken into and his laptop stolen. According to police the man called 911 at around 1:30 after he said he had left his computer inside its bag on the floor of his vehicle and left it unlocked to do some shopping. During that 45-minute period police said someone entered the vehicle and took the bag, containing not only the laptop, worth around $200, but the victim’s Visa Platinum card and a box of prescription medication. The investigation is ongoing.


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