Amatuer Sleuth Says Burglar Put Jitney Tickets on Craigslist

Bridgehampton man turns e-mail address of suspect over to police.

A 36-year-old Bridgehampton man told police Wednesday that he has been monitoring Craigslist since he discovered a burglar stole tickets from his Toppings Path home, and he thinks he has found the culprit.

The man gave the e-mail address of the suspect to , and said the New York Police Department will follow up the incident. According to the incident report, the house was broken into some time between Feb. 4 and March 27. The burglar broke the catch on a sliding glass door to gain entry, the report reads. In addition to the tickets, valued at $600, a bag of $25 in assorted change was also reported stolen.

The man told police he initially was not planning to report the incident, but he changed his mind when he found a suspect on Craigslist, a website that allows users to post free classifieds.

Jerry Can May 24, 2011 at 10:29 PM
I hope its not a coincidence and that an innocent person selling their Jitney tickets gets confused with a burglar selling tickets on line. Although thieves are known to use such sites for monetizing stolen goods it may also be a coincidence. Good luck catching the perp.


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