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What Our Readers Think: Osprey Catches Fish, Plastic Bag

A round-up of reader comments on a photo from Lorelei Galardi that Patch posted this week from

On Wednesday, Patch posted a , who has been keeping an eye on a pair of ospreys since late March, when they nested on Dune Road in Hampton Bays near the Ponquogue Bridge. The photo depicts an osprey carrying a fish and plastic bag.

Patch readers had a lot to say about the photo. The following is a round-up of their comments. Add to the conversation by posting your thoughts below.

wrote, "The fish collected the bag from the waters of Shinnecock Bay and gave it to the osprey who, in turn, recycled it at King Kullen in Hampton Bays. The Town Board's plastic bag recycling program is working like a charm...like a Lucky Charm, if you believe in leprechauns.

Now, imagine that the same fish and his little fish friends have been eating plastic bits and pieces all their life, while foraging for other food stuffs in our local waters. When it hits your plate you can enjoy a mouthful of the toxic chemicals that this plastic bag is made from. Still think "it tastes like chicken"?

Ms. Galardi is right...we have to "stop killing ourselves" by eliminating the source of pollution eaten by our fish stock, bird life, deer and other trapped and hunted animals that we bring to our tables, share with our parents, our children and our friends.

Let's take the politics out of these decisions before we can't get the pollution out of our waters, our food stream and our lives. Write to your Southampton Town Councilperson today to encourage the passage of a ban on single-use plastic bags, styrofoam cups and mylar balloons."

said, "Roger, that was just great. We will write our Representatives and voice our strong support of all the eco-friendly (non-political) measures and bans."

said, "This was a sad sight but, I think, some good will come of it. It is heartening to see support for the ban on plastic bags - and more as you so eloquently stated Mr. Blaugh."

wrote, "Glad to see that the osprey & the fish are teaming up to help out!  Great photo, btw."

wrote, "Great photo. Even better message from Mr. Blaugh. What 'on earth' is holding up the plastic bag ban from becoming reality...that's it...REALITY. Well, here it is boys and girls...the REALITY of this situation is staring you right in the face...and it's looking back at your from your dinner plate, too. Enjoy your fish fry!"

Peconic Sunset April 15, 2012 at 05:47 PM
I hope the plastic bag didn't find its way into the nest.
Happy Dude April 15, 2012 at 11:36 PM
I saw an osprey this last Tuesday pick up a small rabbit in my back yard and release him about 20 feet in the air. The rabbit survived and ran off. Weird, never saw anything like this before. Live down by Long Beach.
Jaguar-Guy April 16, 2012 at 11:37 AM
At first, I felt silly walking to the register at Waldbaum's without any bag, and NOT wanting to pay for their brown bags, I have come to terms with bringing our own grocery bags to shops (to most now) and feeling glad that we are not adding to the accumulation of plastic anymore. Folks in Europe mostly shop several times a week, in smaller amounts that they carry home in their own bags now. We go twice a year and see this more and more prevalent everywhere. What a beautifully shocking photo that makes me smile that this will slowly turn around. The bag ban should be everywhere, and we can easily make the adjustment. In San Fran, they'd be taxing us to death adding to the clean-up cost, and just build it into the price of things. That is why it is so ridiculously expensive living there - you are paying to clean-up after the McDonald's Happy Meal garbage people toss in the parks.


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