Top 10 Blog Posts: Politicians Sounding Off

Also from Patch bloggers this past week, state Senate candidate Jennifer Maertz writes about cyberbullying, Johndavid Hensley discusses the effect weather has on business and Capt. Rod talks about fishing for sharks.


1.  talks about crossing crossed party lines to "deliver for our middle class families."

2.  vows to hold Bishop accountable for his record in rematch.

blogs on how she came to be standing at the National Air and Space Museum entrance watching the .

4.  says legislation as well as social media is helping to reduce bullying in schools and on the Internet.

5.  asks, "after a good Memorial Day weekend, how do we make it a successful Summer of 2012?"

 talks about paddling around Long Island.

7.  says, "Blue sharks may not be good for eating, but you'll have fun catching them while you wait on Mako and Thresher sharks to arrive."

8.  talks about this week in astrology.

Bideawee's Behavior and Training Manager Mike Rueb offers some tips for getting your dog ready to splash around in the pool this summer.

10.  talks about being a working mom. 

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