Southampton Village ARB Has Marathon Meeting to Make Up for Canceled Public Hearing

A summary of the Jan. 24 Southampton Village Board of Historic Preservation & Architectural Review meeting.

Here is my summary of what transpired at the last public hearing of the Southampton Village Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review. Remember that the videos of each public hearing are posted pretty soon afterwards on the village’s website if you ever care to watch the meeting yourself.

Tonight all board members and consultants were present except Beau Robinson, the board's legal counsel. The next public hearing will occur on Feb. at 7 p.m. at . 

These notes are especially long because the meeting on Jan. 10 was canceled.


, 40 Hill St: No one came to represent the application. Adjourned.

2 Jobs Ln: Door Sign. Approved.

Georgica Builders, Ltd.: Contractor’s sign. Approved.

Applications within an Historic District:

1. Peter Talty, 37 Post Crossing: demolish and rebuild existing barn. After being previously closed for written decision, the hearing was reopened as suggested by counsel. The applicants had previously stated that they intend to demolish and rebuild the garage/barn almost exactly but didn’t describe what would change. While drafting the decision, counsel noticed a pergola and outdoor shower proposed. There was no public comment and none of the board members voiced any concerns. The written decision was ready. Approved.

2. CV & V LLC (Vittorio Assaf), 63 Linden Ln: add 1,063 square feet to an existing (1940s) home along with a new foundation. The architect Nick Vero, presents the application. All of the issues raised at the last meeting have been attempted to be resolved: The chimney will remain existing as will the side entry. There will be a new round window over the side entry. There is no mention of shutters or the proposed master bedroom balcony, which will face the . Board member Hamilton Hoge questions the pergola. Brian says it is long but transparent. Approved.

3. CNL II, LLC, 58 Coopers Neck Ln: 240-square-foot one-story addition. Approved.

4. Elizabeth Economy, 6 Ox Pasture Rd: 1,867-square-foot two-story addition; relocate garage. This is the historic Charles White estate which dates back to possibly the mid 1800s. Board member Brian Brady is the architect so he recuses himself. John Bennett presents the application. (Hmm. Brady has village clients and Bennett has village clients and now we see that they sometimes work together. Bennett often appears before the village ARB. I have been generally enthusiastic about there finally being an architect on this board, but does this jeopardize his objectivity?) The rear roof balcony will not be accessible although the railings seem to be drawn at 3 feet high. Some non-period elements are being removed. Closed for written decision. This is a good demonstration of how to appropriately enlarge an historic home.

5. J. Christopher Burch, 232 First Neck Ln: demolish existing pool house; build new 769sf pool house. Approved.

6. Karen Schlussel, 749 Hill St: Driveway gates. He proposes solid white wood gates when the board prefers open/see-through gates, although this is not dictated in the zoning codes. The owner, Steve Schlussel (this Steven Schlussel?) does his best to convince the board to allow him to have solid gates, for noise, traffic, children, pet, and proximity to antique store and reservation issues, but the board says no. He will go back to the drawing board and present a new design at the next meeting. Adjourned.

7. Martin & Dorothy Bandier, 200 Gin Ln: Build new garage. Peter Sabbeth, the designer, presented the application. The garage will be built into a hillside in the northeast corner of the property so as to be completely concealed from the next door and Gin Lane. There is also a 23-foot-tall privet hedge between the two properties. The hill will be taller than the roof of the garage, which will be flat and have solar panels. The main house was designed by a student of I.M. Pei for previous owners, perhaps in the 1970s, and is clad in vertical cedar planking. The garage is proposed to be clad with a fiber cement material matching the color of the house. As the owners repaint the house every year, if the fiber cement material on the garage is successful they plan to re-clad the main house with the same material. There are no concerns. Closed for written decision. (Read about Martin Bandier)

8. William McKnight, 28 Gin Ln: Driveway gates. Closed for written decision.

9. Rosewood Realty, LLC, 452 First Neck Ln: add 1,225-square-foot via one- and two-story additions, renovate, and demolish 1,030 square feet. This is the historic Mocomanto property. Mocomanto was one of the nine Shinnecock Sachems the Southampton settlers bought land from in 1640 and, one assumes, whom this property was named after. The property was acquired by Frederick and Louise Betts circa 1880. This particular structure was built post-1932 prior to the property being subdivided into five parcels. In its present form the house consists of two small gabled volumes connected by a long flat-roof section. The architect and planning consultants present the application. The property cannot be seen from First Neck Lane, but can be seen from a distance across Lake Agawam. ARB historical consultant Zach Studenroth wants to visit the site and do a report. Hoge is against the long shed dormer but Brady has no problem with it. I think the proposed work improves the house. Adjourned.

Applications outside of an Historic District:

1. Douglas & Patricia Valk, 80 Wooley St: demolish existing house; build a 2,876-square-foot two-story house, 484-square-foot garage, 175-square-foot pool house and 490-square-foot accessory structure. This will be a dramatic transformation of a very modestly developed property. The existing house and garage are set back from the road (see photo in the slide show above). The proposed drawings of the front elevation, studio, and pool house are included in the slide show. I personally feel that all the proposed structures are different stylistically: the house is the traditional, the garage has a strange round window in its gable, the “studio” is a reincarnation of the existing house but now has a wide array of window typestriangular, awning and those with divided lights and the pool house seems from the 1970s: it has a flat roof and is semi-circular in plan. Tonight, new drawings are submitted. Shutters have been added to the main house, trim has been added to the front porch columns, and soffit and fascia details have been provided. Finishes have been called out and are as you would suspect: cedar shingle siding, white trim, asphalt roofing. Board member Christina Redding says she visited the site and is not in favor of the rear balcony. She also would prefer two of the three accessory structures be merged. Brady believes the front porch should seem attached to the front of the house rather than engaged/recessed with the front of the house. He also thinks the house is too tall, which would not be harmonious with other homes on Wooley Street. Three neighbors speak against the project. They wish the front porch would be more like others on the street, they are against the balcony, and that there are too many accessory structures. They also think the character of the accessory structures is a bit industrial. ARB chairman Curtis Highsmith suggests that the applicant provide the board with a streetscape, a view of the proposed house set among existing houses in the area via a photo-montage. Valk will try to respond to tonight’s comments and provide new drawings by the next meeting. Adjourned. I am no longer showing the proposed elevations as they are being revised.

2. Jeff Farnuth, 96 Edwards Ln: miscellaneous exterior alterations. Again, one of the board members, Brady, is the architect for this client, so one of his associates presents the application. The project is very straight forward. The garage is being converted into living space, and some casement windows are being converted to double-hung windows. Aprpoved.

3. Albert J. Tiseo, 59 Hildreth St: build a 512-square-foot garage, 320-square-foot covered front porch and 393-square-foot second-story addition, as well as miscellaneous alterations. Siyu Liu is the architect. She and Tiseo, the builder and owner, present the application. The house will have cedar shingle siding, white trim, Andersen windows, and a green (eek!) asphalt roof. Many neighbors have written letters voicing concerns against the project and Bennett, a neighbor also, speaks this evening against the application. All of the neighbors believe the drawings lack specificity, which prevents them from having a clear understanding of what this house will look like, and that, at first glance, the proposed renovation seems bland. There also seems to be some screening issue, concerning front-yard parking and general landscaping. The board asks for a landscaping plan, more details (trim, soffits, fascia, etc.), and a streetscape. Brady recommends that the first and second stories would relate more if the windows were to align. The builder seems flexible to all suggestions. Adjourned. I certainly didn’t get so aggravated by the proposed drawings but am completely sympathetic with the neighbors and applaud their involvement, thanks in no small part to the Bennetts I’m sure. At least they’re not dealing with an architect trying to reinvent the wheel, like I had to.

4. David Reese, 31 Henry St: build 114-square-foot covered porch. Reese presents the application. This house is on the southwest corner of Henry and Howell, opposite the new house under construction. Many houses on Henry Street have front porches, so this appears to be a nice embellishment to an otherwise plain house ... except that the proposed siding is stucco, which I found to be curious. Adjourned.

5. 98 Lewis Street, LLC: amend a prior ARB decision and reduce size of addition. The previously approved addition was supposed to be 1,475 square feet. Lisa Zaloga is the architect and presents the application. Shutters are being added to the front elevation, and the proposed rear addition will be smaller. Approved.

6. Beth Klein, 477 Halsey Neck Ln: three sets of driveway gates. Three? That’s curious, but none of the board members seem to think so. Approved.

7. The Explorer Trust, 80 Meadowmere Ln: two sets of driveway gates. Approved.

8. Bob Roberts, 1 Eileen Dr: build driveway gates and a 140-square-foot tennis storage building. This is the enormous Mediterranean style house, guest house, etc. for Robert and Lauren Roberts, of Lucille Roberts. Jeffrey Gibbons is the architect and presents the application. The board has no issues. Approved.

9. Edward & Lisa Henning, 27 Pelletreau St: build a 344-square-foot rear covered porch. Eileen Benett is the architect and presents the application. She’s also the architect of the new multi-family house on Meetinghouse Lane. Approved.

10. Bencar Building Corp., 33 Platt Terrace: build a 4,500-square-foot two-story house on a vacant parcel. Jorge Sosa is the architect and presents the application. Tonight they submit many more drawings, details and renderings. The board loves the design and screening. Approved.

11. Michel Brogard, 120 Sanford Place: build a 517-sqaure-foot pool house. The designer presents the application. There are no issues. Approved.


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