Letter to the Editor: Proposed Camp Threatens Fragile Ecosystem

Ivan Bart writes on the proposal for a day camp in North Sea on Little Fresh Pond.

Thank you for your fair reporting on the ZBA hearing Thursday evening []. It was a rare article that actually reported both sides of the issue. 

As a resident of Little Fresh Pond, I have been devastated not only by the issue we are facing but the lack of support to our pond community from local news sources. I haven't seen an article that fully explores the potential environmental failure of a fragile ecosystem up against the proposed camp concept. This issue is far greater than traffic changes or even the question of property values. Do we really need an environmental study to weigh the effects of four chlorinated pools, two fertilized softball fields, the bug spraying of children, and toilets flushing continuously? With the "camp" located at a higher elevation from Little Fresh Pond, it's logical that everything located on that property will run off into the pond.  I do not fertilize my lawn, I only planted native plantings on my property, and I value the serene and perfect setting of my pond front home. 

I hope more people in the town of Southampton and the larger community understand what is at stake here including Mr. Jacobs. I work in the fashion industry and women such as Lauren Hutton and Gisele Bundchen have all stood up to politics to save water bodies. 

I am confident that there will be many more people including those outside of our community who will be interested in saving a pristine fresh body of water. I understand that Mr. Jacobs has good intentions to provide children with a happy summer. However, I hope he has heard and understood our concerns and maybe with your reporting, he has. I am not against a camp; I am simply questioning its location and size and what it might do next to a 19-acre pond.

I often ride my kayak in the early morning. The best time for the peace and quiet and the ability to see wildlife. Can the inhabitants of the pond sustain what is being proposed? I hope you will continue your fair reporting and I am grateful for letting everyone know that yet another water body left in the hands of politics, may be destroyed.

We lost as well as others. No one would even dare swim in the town pond of Southampton! As a Long Island native, I trust you understand and I appreciate your empathy and concern.  Many thanks.

Respectfully yours,

Ivan Bart

Jerry Can October 24, 2011 at 08:43 PM
Note to Mr. Jacobs: Please ensure that all archery and skeet shooting activities are carried out away from the pond and residences.
highhatsize October 25, 2011 at 12:25 AM
Unreported here as yet is that the execrable Mr. Jacobs has filed a $$65M defamation suit against two of his local Little Fresh Pond critics, thus showing himself to be a common, if wealthy thug. This SLAPP action (strategic lawsuit against public participation) militates against Mr. Jacobs. We already have enough of these swinging d*cks out here in the Hamptons. Let's not encourage more of them to show up. The Town Council should send him back to Albany.


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