Letter to the Editor: African-American Museum's Significance Must Be Clear

Letcher O. Johnson writes, "As the gateway to the Village of Southampton it is critical that the 'wow' factor be applied to the museum."

The commercial component is not in sufficient proportions in the current design of the "museum" to be constructed at the site of the former Randy’s Barber Shop. The project has taken the appearance of a Hamptons residence. Has the standard 100-year plan been applied to this project? As the gateway to the Village of Southampton it is critical that the "wow" factor be applied to the museum.

Its significance must be absolutely clear to residents and visitors alike as they drive their vehicles along the main artery into the Village of Southampton.

A more commercial and stately feel needs to be represented. Individuals and businesses owners alike should dream of the great events they can hold in this museum.  This project has an opportunity to be a terrific financial success from day one. 

This is a monumental opportunity for the entire community. At this time it seems to have fallen short. I am confident that all the teams involved are up to the challenge. Remember, Southampton is one of the world’s greatest stages

This is not just the legacy of untold millions of Africans in America, but of local residents of Southampton as-well-as the rest of the East End.

Ladies and gentleman this will also be your greatest legacy.

Kind Regards,

Letcher O. Johnson
Business Owner

Mamma Cass December 13, 2012 at 06:27 PM
We're having the same problem in Oyster Bay at our non-African European American Museum. We need something to set it apart but at the end of the day, its exclusivity and focus on just one small sector of the American Melting Pot is what we feel will eventually set it apart. Good luck!


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