HIFF Review: Seven Psychopaths Worth Seeing

Martin McDonagh film hits theaters Oct. 12.

"Seven Psychopaths," with an all-star cast, premiered to many laughs at Guild Hall on Friday evening, as one of the Hamptons International Film Festival's Spotlight Films.

The comedy will be in theaters on Oct. 12, but viewers in East Hampton were treated to the film first. 

Irish playwright and screenwriter Martin McDonagh tells the story of a struggling screewriter, played by Colin Farrell, who inadvertently get caught up in a dog-napping plot gone wrong thanks to some off-kilter friends, all while trying to write a screenplay aptly titled, "Seven Psychopaths." His friends Billy, played by Sam Rockwell, and Hans, played by Christopher Walken took a Los Angeles gangster's beloved Shih Tzu, Bonny, which sets the boss, none other than Woody Harrelson, on a hunt to find man's best friend.

Though the storyline is meant to expose what good a certain set of sociopaths are capable of, there is no shortage of blood and gore for which McDonagh is known — someone gets whacked the first few minutes in. 

McDonagh's live action short film Six Shooter earned him international recognition and an Academy Award in 2006. Previously, it was shown at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Born in London to Irish parents, McDonagh's "Seven Psychopaths" landed as part of the festival's "Focus on UK Films," in partnership with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. 

The movie is definitely entertaining and very funny. Christopher Walken gives a brilliant performance — the most convincing of all the characters with his slick charm. The Shih Tzu gets some laughs too.  

The only bit of critisim is that the film went on just a bit too long. At 109 minutes, it's certainly not a very long movie, but with so many chacters, the film went in a lot of different directions. I saw a few places it could have ended, perhaps a half-hour earlier. 

If you don't mind a lot of blood, and want to laugh, this is definitely worth the price of a movie ticket. 

"Seven Psychopaths" will be shown again at the Sag Harbor Cinema on Monday at 1 p.m., and then in theaters everywhere after Oct. 12.


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