#79 - Attend a Service at St. Andrew's Dune Church

The church is a unique site on the coastline of Long Island.

One of Southampton's hidden gems is , nestled just beyond the white sands of the Atlantic Coast on Gin Lane. Looking for a liturgical celebration close to nature? Then the sound of ocean waves and the sea breeze make St. Andrew's worth a try. Services are held at 11 a.m. on summer Sundays starting in mid-June through the end of September.

Technically, St Andrew's is part of the Diocese of Long Island of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and has close links to in Southampton. All are welcome to worship with the seasonal congregation. No matter what your background, you are bound to feel at home as traditionally the sermons are delivered by visiting clergy from a variety of denominations.

Founded as St. Andrew's-by-the-Sea Church 132 years ago, the name was changed to St. Andrew's Dune Church several years later. The original building, constructed in 1851 as a life-saving station by the federal government, was virtually destroyed by the . The current reconstruction was opened in 1939 and is now a house of worship that can also be used for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

St. Andrew's is at 12 Gin Lane in Southampton Village. You can view a list of services and times at the church's website www.standrewsdunechurch.com.

Category: Worship
Season: Summer Sundays at 11 a.m. mid-June through September 25, 2011
Note:  For information on reserving St. Andrew's Dune Church for a specific event, contact the St. John's Episcopal Church office at 631-283-0549.

highhatsize September 03, 2011 at 02:57 AM
What a location! I'll bet that that church is only used one day out of seven. Such a waste. It's perfect for a condo. We could probably fit four units on the property with the church still retaining all its pristine glory on top. Shame on you, Episcopalians, think of how many poor, starving children in Africa could be fed with the income. (Call me.)


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