5 Blogs to Check Out On Patch: Gardening, Ticks and World Peace

Patch bloggers offer advice and history lessons.


 says that here in the Northeast we didn’t have much of a winter, and we are now feeling repercussions with ticks and fleas. Some experts say it is the worst season ever.


  talks about his last three interviews with Frank Mundus, who inspired the movie, Jaws. 


 says The Hamptons International World Peace Initiative, a film and arts festival, will take place August 3-5 at the Southampton Inn.


 talks about ronze fennel (Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpureum'), a tall stately herb with feathery leaves and yellow umbrella-like flowers, is the host plant for the Eastern black swallowtail butterfly.


 says 3 out of 4 cars seats are used incorrectly.

If you are interested in blogging on Patch, email southampton@patch.com.


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