This Week in Astrology: Full Moon

What this week's full moon means.

This week is dominated by the entry of Neptune into the sign of Pisces.  The further from the Sun a planet is, the longer it takes that planet to travel through the zodiac. In Neptune's case, it takes 164 years to travel through all of the signs, and it spends approximately 14 years in each sign of the zodiac.  So from an astrological viewpoint, this is an important transition. 

Neptune in Pisces is a gentle energy and can take the edge off some of the pressure and stress Uranus and Pluto have been causing.  But we do need to be careful with Neptune as it prefers not to see things for what they are it likes to look at life as it would like it to instead of what it is. To read more about this transit you can use this link to my website and an article about Neptune in Pisces

On Tuesday, February 7 we have our Full Moon at 4:54 p.m. EST. Full Moon’s are always about letting go of what we no longer need.  They also tend to bring up emotions and feeling we like to hide from so often we get more emotional or more sensitive during these times. 

This Full Moon occurs in the signs of Leo and Aquarius, the planet Mercury is very important to this Full Moon as it joins the Sun on that day, so we can expect some mix ups in communications.  Be careful what you say and how you say it.  The Leo Aquarius polarity is about how you feel about yourself and express yourself in relation to how you see others and interact with them.  It’s a time to let go of not allowing yourself to be who you are, embrace and love who you are not who you think you should be.  Where this Full Moon falls in your chart will also affect how it influences you personally. 

On Wednesday, Venus enters the sign of Aries. Venus does not enjoy being in the sign of Aries, since Venus is the planet of love and relationships. Aries is the energy of the warrior.  So, in Aries Venus can be a little aggressive, she knows what she wants and goes after it. But, it's not comfortable for her: Venus would much rather use subtle and seductive ways to seduce.  What this can mean in general is relationships are a little combative this is a time when we challenge each other the gentle and  affectionate side of love may not be apparent, so if your significant other seems a little cold or a little uncaring, don’t take it personal — The energy right now is not overly sensitive. This is especially true for Libra and Cancer.

On Thursday, Venus conjuncts the planet Uranus. This is a wild and exciting energy.  On a positive level it can push us to take a chance and that chance will pay off.  We feel like doing something different and new and just want to have fun.  The less positive side of this energy is we may want to party to much, may not take the feelings of others into consideration.  We may meet someone really exciting, but this is not a lasting energy so we may regret any commitment made at this time. This is especially true for the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Saturn also goes retrograde this week. One of the more difficult sides of this energy are in areas where we have made headway in business projects or even just projects around the house. They may slow down or we may find things just don’t move forward as well as we would like.  Those born at the end of the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be the most affected.

Upcoming Astrology Events:

Feb. 12: Mini Readings for Valentines Day at Green Earth Natural Foods Market  from 12:30  p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Contact me at lonni@astrologybylelonni.com, if you would like to attend these events.

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claudia February 06, 2012 at 04:21 PM
I will be looking forward to some calm and geltle energy!!
LeLonni Campbell February 06, 2012 at 06:48 PM
We are all looking forward to it :)


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