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I am very excited about being able to post this blog about Astrology.  I welcome questions, about astrology of both a general and personal nature.  If you want advice on your personal birth chart, please include your birthday, including the time and place you were born.   My goal is to make this an interactive blog that is both fun and educational.  

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LeLonni Campbell May 25, 2011 at 10:26 PM
Hi Krystyna thanks for posting, you are a Scorpio with a Virgo Moon and a Leo Ascendant. One of the most striking things about your chart is how exacting you tend to be, you are someone who wants all her ducks in a row. Even thought you come across as a very social person, the reality is you tend to keep much to yourself, mostly how much you worry and stress over things. Some of the areas you put your stress is in the work environment, you worry a lot about work, or rather if things are being done the way they should be done at work or on the job. My sense is as an employee you are reliable and you get the job done no matter what the obstacles are, if you are a boss you are fair but you expect your employees to have the same work ethics you have. When it comes to finances that is one of your big areas of worry, my guess is financial easiness has not come easy to you, you work hard for all you have, and your best bet for financial security is that hard working attitude you have, for you slow and steady will always win over quick and unpredictable. My guess would be the last couple of years have been somewhat draining and unpredictable on a financial level you need to be very careful that your worry about money and bills does not wear you out physically, as you chart indicates some physical weariness or tiredness.
LeLonni Campbell May 25, 2011 at 10:30 PM
You are entering a phase of restructuring in all areas that have to do with money, my one word of caution is to be careful and make sure you have facts you need when you make any financial decisions. I think your money can start to flow a little easier, mostly because employment opportunities will come to you, either in a current position or possibly getting a new job. So keep your eyes open for any opportunities that present themselves, but verify all your facts before making decision, right now the planet Neptune is affecting your chart, that is a time when things are not always clear or straightforward. Just use your gut, as you have great intuitive abilities.
the baby March 07, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Hello LeLonni. I have been following your insights for the past few months and I am delighted to see that you do indeed welcome requests for more personal revelations. Well, here goes. Susanne Morena February 15, 1963 approx. 8:30 am (Birth records do not indicate exact time. Mom's recollection) Freeport, LI, NY
the baby March 21, 2012 at 12:10 AM
LeLonni, It's me, Susanne. Have you gotten a moment to peek into my future? Sorry to bother you, but I am feeling like I am in a whirlpool and I want something to hold onto. Help! Thank you.
Angel July 12, 2012 at 01:42 AM
Hi I would like to know if this is the year my bf is going to purpose to me, n if we are a match? My Bday is Jun27 1985 Born in BrookHaven Hosp. 10:55pm My Bf Bday May21 1980 Born at Good Samaritan Hosp west Islip 12:00am I just need to know it's been 2 yrs and am waiting for commitment. :)


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