After 14 months, The New WHB Supermarket Request Is Still Not Being Entertained

A new supermarket is needed in Westhampton Beach. The Mayor and the town board have avoided Mr. Mendelson long enough. In October of 2011, the Mayor said the issue would be discussed "soon."

This issue just needs to be addressed, again and again.  Below is a copy/paste from a blog written in October of 2011.  It's truly unbelievable:

"The Westhampton Beach Village Board of Trustees said on Wednesday night that they are not quite ready to hold a public meeting on a proposal by a local developer to bring a new supermarket to the area.

When the question came up during the board's monthly work session, Village Mayor Conrad Teller simply said, "It's not on the agenda. It will be soon."

Developer Andrew Mendelson, who is a Westhampton Beach resident, stood at the village's podium earlier this month to ask the board to please consider holding a community meeting to disuss his plan to construct a supermarket on a 40-acre lot that he owns on Old Riverhead Road"

I just wonder what Mayor Teller's definition of the word "soon" is.  It's time for a new supermarket.  In fact, it's beyond time.  Please come to the town meeting on February 7th and show your support!  The time is NOW, not soon...

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Gene February 05, 2013 at 06:41 PM
None of this makes any sense. As somebody that is in business here in the village, I come into contact with quite a few people, both full-time residents as well as summer people. To a person, they echo the same sentiment: their disdain and disappointment with their current supermarket option in the village. In fact, the phrase that I most commonly hear is "I HATE going in there". You would think that Mr. Mendelson is asking the village to pay for his project. Mr. Mendelson is incurring all the risk, nto the village! Area residents would be able to stay local and not go to Hampton Bays, Eastport, or Riverhead for their major grocery needs (and perhaps may even draw people from the surrounding areas). As it stands, it seems that the village is ignoring what the (vast) majority of residents want. I have yet to hear one valid reason for a new supermarket nor have I ever heard one person tell me what a pleasure it is to go into Waldbaums (as opposed to the enjoyable experiences I hear about in Hampton Bays, Riverhead, etc.). Baffling to say the least!
Joy Sopitz February 05, 2013 at 10:13 PM
I know, it's totally ridiculous. We need to find someone to run for mayor, the next time around. There are many people who are not full time residents, and voting in Westhampton Beach is not a viable option for them. Yet, these are also the people who come for the summer, or for the weekends, and really want the white glove treatment. I love shopping at the local stores in town. It's a pleasure. The owners know who they are catering to, and they make it very easy to spend money and be happy about it! Waldbaums, on the other hand, is a disgrace! I'm hoping that people will come to this Thursday's meeting and stand behind Mr. Mendelson. I know that many of the elected officials want to avoid competition in town. There are, however, many local taxpayers who feel differently. The mayor and the members of the board should be in favor of anyone who is trying to make improvements to the town, not penalize them for it! Monopoly is only amusing as a board game.
Ralebird February 06, 2013 at 06:10 AM
Maybe it's time for the owners of the Pastor Chevrolet property to apply to the town for a variance for that property to enable a supemarket there. Of course that will keep people from going into the village and all the businesses there will suffer, but if the village continues its obstructionist practices there may be no alternative. We need a real supermarket!
Joy Sopitz February 06, 2013 at 04:59 PM
Hi Ralebird, Yes, we sure do need a "real" supermarket! It would be great if Pastor Chevrolet and many of the other vacant buildings could once again open their doors! The economy seems to be picking up, so hopefully improvements will be forthcoming. It's a good thing that all of the other supermarkets in The Hamptons haven't caused their towns to close or made everyone else suffer... Progress and improvements are generally good things for local economies, and hopefully, our town is on the road to economic recovery!
bchbum11968 February 06, 2013 at 05:20 PM
We have the same problem in Southampton:(


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