22 Puppy Mill Dogs Saved

Did you know that 98% off all puppies sold in pet stores nationwide come from puppy mills?

Committed to saving dogs from the horrific conditions of puppy mills, the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons has just rescued 22 puppy mill breeder dogs that were slated for death. These dogs are now at ARF, safe and beginning to recover.

It was a busy weekend for ARF, who on Friday, January 18 saved 8 adorable Pomeranians from Nebraska mills with the help of our rescue partner Hearts United. Then Monday, January 21, the ARF Mobile Van made a trip to Western Pennsylvania in horrible icy/snowy weather to rescue 14 more of these captive dogs.  Both groups of dogs were disposed of by breeders who found these particular animals no longer profitable. Once these breeder dogs stop producing viable litters of puppies, most are killed.

The Pomeranians, Dachshunds, Poodles and others will finally get the attention they deserve. Because breeder dogs are given minimal veterinary care while they are caged, they are often suffering from medical conditions when they arrive. In addition to the obvious signs of neglect, including matted fur and overgrown nails, they often have severe dental problems, tumors and sometimes their feet are raw and damaged from living their entire lives in wire cages. These dogs will get a full
medical exam by our vet, Dr. Sarah Alward and then will be put up for adoption.

Consider adopting one of these resilient dogs and give them a second chance at life, one with human kindness and compassion.

Some of these dogs are already available for adoption! Visit www.arfhamptons.org and click on “view our pets” or better yet come by the ARF Adoption Center in Wainscott and meet them first hand.

PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing a puppy at a pet store you are supporting the cruel industry of puppy mills—where dogs live their lives in wire cages—unloved and uncared for.  Please educate your friends and family about
the puppy mill—pet store connection and consider adoption!

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TheWaterMillian January 25, 2013 at 03:58 AM
We visited ARF today after seeing this story on Southampton Patch earlier...The dogs that they just rescued are absolutely adorable and so sweet...If you're reading this, please go visit them, and consider adopting one. We already have lots of pets, and are still thinking about adopting another one.
ViralGrain January 25, 2013 at 07:19 AM
I guess there are no kill shelters or puppy mills in NY and thats why ARF needs to travel to anywhere other then here to help a animal in need. ARF has made such a difference over the years no dog in the area can be found who may need a good home anymore. Way to go ARF.
SurferJoe January 25, 2013 at 11:00 AM
Great job as always ARF! Don't pay attention to toxic local trolls who, at 3am in the morning, get their jolly's from puking up negativity on stories that have no impact on them whatsoever. Guy runs around claiming that everyone's lucky that he obeys the laws and thus won't retaliate against people the way he would most prefer. Get a life dude.
transplanted Bub January 25, 2013 at 10:53 PM
We adopted a pomeranian from arf a few years ago, which happened to be a puppy mill rescue as well. she has totally changed our lives, and has become the head of the household. keep up the good work ARF!!
Dr. Sarah Alward January 26, 2013 at 01:41 PM
We are so proud of the work we do - ARF takes in pets surrendered by their owners in our area, we take in hoards of local kittens, stray pets that end up at Animal Control. We actually had a record high number of owner surrendered pets over the holiday season this year. We are so proud of the fact that we also try to help out where the need is great - not just in our own community. The great news is that people are more aware of spay and neuter in our community, and that translates into fewer unwanted pets here. The puppy mill dogs are killed using inhumane methods (such as fire pits) when they are no longer useful. The "breeders" get rid of upwards of 30 dogs at a time, overwhelming rescues in their area. Some of the other pets we rescue from areas such as South Carolina - the shelter there kills all cats and kittens on intake. It is so gratifying to help animals in these communities too - let's hope they can raise awareness of spay/neuter in their areas and that someday, we will all be out of work!!!


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