Healing Physical Disease with Divine Energy

I have been fortunate to heal people of very serious disease and illness. Right now I am looking for five people with terminal illness to work with at no fee.

When I say I have healed serious disease, sometimes people look at me like I am crazy. It's easy to understand. How is it possible to have miracles happen, or to appear to be the "director" of such healings. Well, I am just a small functionary in a way, and I have a channel open to Powerful Divine Energies. It's not me doing it, but I am the "healer."

I have had a lot of success healing very serious illness and disease, mostly with remote clients, including many people in Ecuador. I am sent a picture and some details of the person, usually via email and then I do the process. I have had too many good results, with super serious disease, things that don't turn around on their own, to say... well maybe it's just a coincidence. On my testimonials page on my website I have a small sample of results.

One of the most amazing results was with a woman, Veronica Zambrano in Ecuador who had very advanced diabetes and was losing her vision as a result. She is from a wealthy family and had been to doctors for about a year, monitoring her eyesight as it worsened. She had been on some medications, but nothing was helping, so the last recourse was surgery, before the surgery she heard about my work, and contacted me. A few days after I did my work , her vision radically improved. What is so interesting, is that this was all medically documented with tests, not just her subjective experience. I have a very in-depth testimonial from her in the original Spanish and with an english translation, both posted on my website.

Since then I have worked with all kinds of disease; cancer, heart disease, and some very rare illnesses. Not everyone has miraculous results. Just like with traditional medicine, in my work it is best for me to be involved as soon as possible, before the disease has progressed too far. And I always want my clients to continue with the traditional approaches, Western Medicine, so as to attack the disease from "all angles." I am not here to compete with anyone. It's not for my "ego." I have been placed on this path to help and heal everyone who wants it.

It is an amazing experience to be able to spend a few minutes with someone and take away a life-long problem or much of a disease. Is there a science behind this, well maybe, but I guess it's alright to think of it as miraculous. Everytime I heal someone, I am blessed.

Right now, I am looking for five terminally ill people to work with for no fee. So far, I have two people who I will be working with remotely. I still need three more, either remote at a distance via phone and email or in-person, who can see me a few times a month in Amagansett. There are no guarantees -- there are so many variables with disease and healing, but the work that I do is non-invasive and requires no lifestyle change, just an openness to receive whatever can be given.

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Evan Rofheart September 15, 2012 at 03:53 AM
Oh, and I can also send negative energies also, perhaps that's more of what you might like to experience Jimbo.
Charlie Cheswick December 04, 2012 at 06:38 PM
A threat? Nice! But wait, I'm confused now: are you a healer or an inflicter?
Evan Rofheart December 04, 2012 at 06:47 PM
either...it depends on the situation and what the client wants... I work with energy and power, which is neither negative or positive.... sometimes the negative is required to bring out the positive. But always in the final analysis what I want to see is the positive. Most people live in a very "grey" world, with their actions being neither black or white, so the way to deal with removing their karma is neither black or white. But... you don't believe any of this anyway... just another silly skeptic... worshiping the feet of the scientist...!
Charlie Cheswick December 04, 2012 at 08:01 PM
"Oh, and I can also send negative energies also, perhaps that's more of what you might like to experience Jimbo." "... I work with energy and power, which is neither negative or positive.... " ?
Charlie Cheswick December 07, 2012 at 03:37 PM
No, no worshiping involved. Just an appreciate for facts & empirical evidence...


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