Thiele: South Fork Gas Prices Dip Slower than State Average

As the statewide average gas price dipped 3.3 percent, prices on the South Fork dipped just 1.5 percent

As gasoline prices have dipped across Long Island and the rest of the state this month, relief at the pump for the South Fork has lagged behind, according to the latest price comparison from New York State Assemblyman Fred Theile Jr.

In his latest regular report to the New York State attorney general on the disparity of South Fork gasoline prices compared to the state average, Thiele said this week that the price per gallon dipped just 6 cents in the Hamptons, making the price 4 cents more expensive that the Nassau-Suffolk average, and 9 cents more than the state average. It is 3 cents cheaper than New York City prices.

“The trend of lower gasoline prices is a welcome one," Thiele said. "However, it is disturbing that prices only declined about 6 cents on the South Fork while declining by 13 cents Island-wide. It raises concerns as to why prices have not dropped as rapidly here on the South Fork.”

“Prices have also declined faster on the North Fork than the South Fork since early September,” he added.

Thiele's survey area included gas stations on Montauk Highway from Montauk west to Sunrise Highway.


Location                     Sept. 12            Sept. 29      Difference
New York State                $3.89                $3.76        -13 cents
South Fork                       $3.91                $3.85         -6 cents
Nassau-Suffolk                 $3.97                $3.81        -16 cents
New York City                   $4.01                $3.88       -13 cents


Location                        Sept. 12         Sept. 29

New York State                -2 cents          -9 cents
Nassau-Suffolk                +6 cents          -4 cents
New York City                +10 cents         +3 cents


                                                    Sept. 12    Sept. 29

  • Hampton Gas-Southampton      $3.95        $3.87        -8 cents
  • Shell-Southampton                   $3.95        $3.87        -8 cents
  • Hess-Southampton                   $3.87        $3.85        -2 cents
  • Sunoco-Southampton               $3.95        $3.89         -6 cents
  • Gulf-Southampton                    $3.95        $3.87         -8 cents
  • Coastal-Southampton               $3.85        $3.83         -2 cents
  • Mobil-Southampton                  $3.87        $3.85         -2 cents
  • Shell-Water Mill                        $3.95        $3.87         -8 cents
  • Hess-Bridgehampton                $3.87        $3.85         -2 cents
  • Gulf-Bridgehampton                 $3.95        $3.89         -6 cents
  • Hess-Wainscot                         $3.87        $3.85         -2 cents
  • American-East Hampton           $3.89        $3.85         -4 cents
  • Gulf-Amagansett                      $4.25        $4.09       -16 cents
  • Mobil-Amagansett                    $4.29        $4.14       -15 cents
  • Shell-Amagansett                    $4.34        $4.14       -20 cents
  • Empire-Montauk                      $4.19        $3.99       -20 cents
  • Shell-Montauk                         $4.29        $4.09       -20 cents
  • Montauk Fuel                           $4.49        $4.24      -25 cents
Peconic Sunset October 01, 2011 at 01:01 PM
Many of the stations on the east end use a two tiered pricing system. One price for credit cards and a lower price for cash. They post the cash price on their signs in large font, with the words cash price in tiny letters below it. If they are giving a discount for cash, shouldn't they post the credit card price?
Vanessa Leggard October 01, 2011 at 01:05 PM
You forgot to add Sag Harbor. They are the most expensive. Please add them to the list.
Voice October 01, 2011 at 01:37 PM
THANKS PATCH..for this very informative and REAL exposure. My family laugh at me because I am always checking/comparing/complaining about this issue. They call me the Gas "NotSee" (inside family joke) but i'm SERIOUS!!!
RSA October 01, 2011 at 04:02 PM
This is pure, unadulterated greed that must be stopped!
Bruce October 01, 2011 at 06:11 PM
Vanessa, you are correct. Sag Harbor's gasoline price today is $4.09 a gallon, while the national average is $3.47 a gallon. Sag Harbor is even higher than Alaska. The only place higher, with the exception of a couple of places in Montauk, is Hawaii, which today averages $4.28 a gallon, which is to be expected considering Hawaii's location.
George McCabe October 03, 2011 at 04:55 PM
The reason gas prices on the South fork are higher than the rest of L.I. is simple. The station owners are: a) GREEDY, and b) enjoy a captive market since for most residents and workers it is not practical, convenient, or economically feasible to travel to Riverhead and other places to the West to purchase gas. Notice that the further east you go (like Amagansett or Montauk) the higher the prices get. Of course the station owners will claim that prices are higher due to the increased cost to transport the gas out East from up the Island. This is not accurate or true. You can easily do the math by dividing the increased cost of sending a gas truck to the South fork gas stations by the number of gallons on the tanker truck then compare that to the increased cost per gallion charged for the gas at the pump by the station owners. You will find that the incresed cost per gallon charged far exceeds the transportation cost per gallion for delivering the gas to the South fork stations. The real reason they charge more per gallion gas is....THEY CAN!!!


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