Shinnecock Leadership Strife Causes Casino Company to Cut Off Funding

Former tribal trustees continue to fight removal from office.

Monthly stipends paid to the Shinnecock Indian Nation by a Detroit-based casino development company have been suspended while the tribe sorts out who is legally in charge of the nation, 27east reports.

Lance Gumbs, who was removed as a tribal trustee by a vote he says is not substantianted by law, told Newsday that the leadership dispute is "dividing the tribe almost to the point of civil war."

Gumbs, Gordell Wright and Randy King were elected to one-year terms as tribal trustees in April 2012. However, Gumbs and Wright were forced to step down in August, Newsday reported, after they and others were accused of conducting unauthorized business dealings in violation of the tribe's contract with Gateway Casino Resorts, the Detroit-based developer.

The decision to remove the two trustees from office was reaffirmed by a tribe-wide vote in October. Gumbs and Wright continued to fight their removal, and 27east reports that a planned Jan. 21 meeting with a federal mediator between tribe members on opposite sides of the issue was called off.

Shinnecock Indian Nation spokeswoman Beverly Jenson told Patch Friday that the nation has no comment.

For more on the story, visit 27east.com and Newsday.com.


Frostina February 01, 2013 at 09:23 PM
This is all semantics. The Shinnecocks are not in charge of themselves and they haven't even taken the first tablespoon of soil out of the ground yet. Whose your Daddy there Chief? Its Gateway Casino Resorts and they have just shut down your allowance. Daddy did say if you do what he says he'll start your allowance back up. Better find out what the lease terms are on that Hummer.
Commenter #1 Smells Like #2 February 03, 2013 at 11:23 AM
I know its early and the casino isn't really even started yet but can I place a wager? I bet the casino never happens because nobody involved has any integrity, no business sense, no cohesion between the tribe and not an ounce of education between any of the parties. House want to take that bet? Loser has to admit they spent 15 years and unheard of about of space in the Southampton Press for a pipe dream that never had a chance of ever getting off of the ground in the first place.


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