CPR Class Offered Monthly by Southampton Village EMS

Classes available on the second Tuesday of each month at the Southampton Village Volunteer Ambulance station on Meeting House Lane.

To enable locals to save lives, has begun offering affordable CPR classes every month.

Participants will become certified in both performing CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation — and on how to use an AED — or automated external defibrillator. 

"Our goal is to have as many residents, business owners, and employees within the village trained in CPR and the use of an AED as possible, giving cardiac arrest patients the greatest chance of survival," said 1st Assistant Chief Mark Klinger.

The ambulance corps cited the American Heart Association in saying that almost 80 percent of cardiac arrests occur outside the hospital setting, like at home, in a park or at work. "About 92 percent of those victims don’t survive because people around them are unable or unwilling to perform CPR."

It only takes one class to become certified, and the next chance is on Aug. 14.

A class is $30 per person starting in September, but the cost of the Aug. 14 class is just $25. The price covers take-home student materials and an equipment maintenance and replacement fee, the ambulance corps states.

Classes are on the second Tuesday of each month. To register, visit www.VillageEMS.org/CPR.

There will also be "Friends and Family" CPR classes offered four times a year, Klinger said. "This class is very rudimentary and teaches a 'hands only' approach to CPR, and will touch on the very basics of how to save a life." For more information, email cpr@VillageEMS.org.

Klinger also noted that the ambulance corps is always looking for men and women 18 and older to volunteer. More information is available at www.VillageEMS.org.


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