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If you're opening a restaurant, or if you're already operating one - we can help! Normally, you might hire an experienced Executive Chef to create the menu, and he or she would work for you permanently… but what about payroll? High labor cost is a near impossible challenge for restaurants today. What happens when they leave? Will you be left without standards? Will you truly have what it takes to compete in a market dominated by corporate giants with unlimited resources?         
Another alternative is for us to create, design and install the menus for you - we are experts in the field. The difference is, we would only be with you until we achieve your goals. You would never pay us again. At PSI, we believe creativity alone, is simply not enough to ensure long-term success... standardization and consistency are critical. Therefore, we include all systems and controls that relate to your product line. You need only a competent staff to monitor and direct. 
Perhaps you have a great Chef, who has been with you for a long time, but he or she needs help standardizing or updating the menus... we can do that as well. We bring exciting new product lines with an unparalleled perception of variety, in both product and language. The bottom line is this… when your food is great, and your costs are low - profitability is inevitable. We put all the power in the hands of management!Phone: 516-761-6579 Website: www.psirconsulting.com 


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