Thiele: Gas Station Survey Shows Prices Soaring

Gas prices on the South Fork rose 15 to 20 cents per gallon between March 2 and April 6, according to New York State Assemblyman Fred Thiele.

New York State Assemblyman Fred Thiele's periodic survey of gas prices on the South Fork, last conducted on Friday, shows that prices have gone up close to 1 cent every other day during the past month.

The only place to get gas for less than $4 on the South Fork is in Eastport. Venture any further east and pay anywhere from $4.03 to $4.48.

Of the stations surveyed, the average is slightly below the state and Long Island averages, and 10 cents below New York City prices.

Thiele's office notes that there may be prices that are higher or lower in the region away from Montauk Highway, but the survey reflects the price posted at most stations on the South Fork's main arterial.

"The average South Fork price between East Hampton and Southampton is now $4.13," Thiele said in a statement from his office. "The average for western Southampton is $4.19 and the average price for Amagansett and Montauk is $4.39. Prices have increased dramatically over the past two months by up to 40 cents since February."

To tackle rising gas prices, Thiele is calling for strengthening the , enabling gas stations to purchase fuel from alternative markets, establishing grants for conversion of pumps to E85 fuel, suspension of state gas taxes on summer holiday weekends and .

Have you changed your habits in light of rising gas prices? Tell us how in the comments section below.

LOCATION             March 2   April 6

New York State       $3.97     $4.14     + 17 cents
South Fork               $3.97     $4.13     + 16 cents

Nassau-Suffolk        $4.01     $4.16     + 15 cents

New York City         $4.04      $4.23     + 19 cents


  LOCATION                          March 2            April 6

New York State                      -----               +1 cent
Nassau-Suffolk                  +4 cents            +2 cents

New York City                    +7 cents          +10 cents 

Price Per Gallon of Regular
                                        March 2        April 6
Hampton Gas-South.          $3.95           $4.09      +14 cents
Shell-Southampton             $3.97           $4.13     +16 cents
Hess-Southampton             $3.97           $4.13     +16 cents
Sunoco-Southampton          $3.93          $4.19     +26 cents
Gulf-Southampton               $3.99          $4.19     +20 cents
Coastal-Southampton          $3.89           $4.11    +22 cents
Mobil-Southampton             $4.00           $4.16    +16 cents
Shell-Water Mill                  $3.99           $4.19     +20 cents
Hess-Bridgehampton           $3.97           $4.13     +16 cents
Gulf-Bridgehampton            $3.99           $4.19     +20 cents
Hess-Wainscot                    $3.97           $4.13      +16 cents
American-East Hampton      $3.99           $4.13      +14 cents
Gulf-Amagansett                $4.09            $4.39      +30 cents
Mobil-Amagansett              $4.13            $4.48      +35 cents
Shell-Amagansett               $4.41           $4.48        +7 cents
Empire-Montauk                 $4.09           $4.19      +10 cents
Shell-Montauk                     $4.19          $4.29       +10 cents
Montauk Fuel                      $4.59          $4.74       +15 cents
Eastport Gas                       $3.89          $4.03       +22 cents
Gulf-Eastport                       $4.07         $4.19       +12 cents
Getty-Eastport                     $3.99         $3.99          ------
USA-Westhampton               $4.19         $4.25         +6 cents
Valero-Westhampton            $3.99         $4.09       +10 cents
Hess-Quogue                       $4.05          $4.17      +12 cents
Spirit-East Quogue               $4.04          $4.19       +15 cents
Hess-Hampton Bays             $4.05          $4.19      +14 cents
Shell- Hampton Bays-W        $4.09          $4.29      +20 cents
Shell-Hampton Bays-E          $3.99          $4.21      +22 cents

josh April 09, 2012 at 08:13 PM
I didn't an elected official to conduct a survey at taxpayer cost to tell me what I already know. I need my elected officials to tell me what they are going to do about the situation
Luke et al April 09, 2012 at 09:30 PM
Its called life after peak oil. Do something about it. Drive less. Drive a hybrid. Convert your car to propane. If you don't like it you have to do something about it.
Walter Kaprielian April 09, 2012 at 10:05 PM
It is a bad joke that is going to kill the East End. The recreational and commercial fishing industries are dependent on fuel, or they can't afford to even go out. There is no such thing as a hybrid or propane boat. Everyone who knows anything about fuel KNOWS that diesel is far less refined than gasoline and used to always be half the price of gasoline and twice as safe as a marine fuel, yet it now costs the same or more than gasoline. We are being HAD my friends, and it isn't going to bother our rich weekend Hamptonites, it's going to kill those of us who live here.
Ralebird April 10, 2012 at 04:54 AM
The politicians can't regulate gas prices but they can mitigate these price hikes by capping all taxes on a gallon rather than let each increase also increase the taxes charged. When is Fred going to stop whining and actually do something constructive?
Preliator April 10, 2012 at 10:47 AM
What a joke, we are far from being past peak oil. A government study has found that there is over 1.6 trillion barrels of recoverable oil in the continental United States, enough oil for 200 years and more. Factor in our increasing efficiency coupled with abundant natural gas, more solar, more wind, more nuclear and yes coal (get over it) this country could be energy independent in a generation for generations. We have the resources, we have the know how, all we lack is leadership and will.


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