Publick House Releases Burton IPA

New year-round beer from Southampton brewery.

has released a new brew — and this one will stick around all year.

Publick House has several seasonal stouts and saisons that come and go, but the restaurant and brewery says the new Southampton Burton IPA will be available year-round at bars, restaurants and beverage retailers.

The brewhaus describes Burton IPA as a tribute to the original English-style India pale ales, with a gravity of 15 percent and alcohol by volume of 6.5 percent.

"We replicate the water from Burton on Trent by adding minerals, notably calcium," said brewer Evan Addario. "This addition adds a nice, dry, smoothness that is then accented by the addition of English-style hops for a true character." 

Burton is a region of Staffordshire County, England.

According to Publick House the Burton IPA is set apart from other IPAs because it is not "overly hopped." The more hops a beer is brewed with, the more bitter it is.

SadderBudweiser April 03, 2012 at 03:36 PM
These folks make the best beer on earth!


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