Greenport Woman Offers ‘The Dog House’ as Pet B&B

Melanie Norden opens her doors for a comfortable extended pet stay.

Two and half years ago, Greenport resident Melanie Norden started a business called the Dog House — literally opening her house for dogs that needed a place to stay while their owners went away.

Now, she’s taking it back up again, opening her home on McCann Lane in Greenport to offer a unique doggy hotel that recreates the real thing — home.

“I think that, all things being equal, people prefer the home experience as opposed to the kennel,” said Norden, who works from home as an independent marketing consultant. “As nice as most kennels are around here, I personally would prefer something like this.”

Norden stopped hosting the Dog House when she decided to get her own dog — Brinkley, a 6-year-old golden retriever rescue who died at the age of 9 just a year ago. Norden said that she has always been an owner of rescue dogs but at this point she is ready for some short-term visitors again.

“Despite his intractability and the host of challenges he posed, Brink was the most loving, the sweetest companion I've ever had,” Norden said. “I adored him without hesitation, with my whole heart. There was never a better boon companion. He was six when I adopted him, and only nine when he died, from unforeseen side effects of a medication.

“So it's taken a while, but I'm ready to throw my leash into the fray once again. Every dog has his day at the Dog House, my home away from home for your four-legged pal. We'll meet and greet, you and your pup will check out the lay of the land, and we'll be good to go for as many nights as you need. I live in a quiet neighborhood, in Greenport, near the Sound, with a fully fenced in yard — and the bed pillows are still comfy.”

Norden said that she will accept dogs for a few days up to a few weeks and will charge depending on the time frame, size of the dog and other issues at hand.

For more information call 631-477-4914 or email thedoghouse2@optonline.net

Erin Schultz November 21, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Margaret Higham Mayer said on Facebook: "what a great idea"


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