Citarella’s Plans Southampton Village Market

Hampton Road location goes before planning board, The Southampton Press reports.

Citarella — a New York City and Hamptons chain of gourmet markets — is poised to open a new location in Southampton Village, according to The Southampton Press.

The proposed site is a mini-mall at 20 and 22 Hampton Road, and according to The Press, other business that currently lease space there will have to move out if the Southampton Village Planning Board gives the building's owner permission to convert it into a market. The Press reports that it was formerly an A&P grocery store.

Citarella's other Hamptons locations are in Bridgehampton and East Hampton. There was a shop at the Water Mill Commons, but it closed and the space was taken over by Avanti Culinary Market.

According to an official notice posted in the window, the planning board will hold a public hearing on the Hampton Road application March 2 during a 6 p.m. meeting at Village Hall.

Learn about the proposal at 27east.com. (Subscription required)

GOLD FINGER February 23, 2013 at 03:35 PM
Just what Southampton needs another over priced grocery store. But speaking of Avanti who or what is in charge of that store. It has the worst produce in the world there and their prepared foods behind their glass case looks like its been there for weeks. I personally think it is there just to launder money. Why doesn't someone take that place over and open a nice sports bar serving great burgers ( like the old Megan's in WM) with flat screens cozy couches and nice local kids working there. Tons of parking behind there and right over 27. It is a niche in a town that could use a nice bar/rest. It would be a gold mine and would serve the community well.
Jerry Can February 23, 2013 at 04:49 PM
I agree with you about Avanti. I went there soon after it opened and nothing looked fresh in that store. The manager told me that they were supplied by Fairway, but, if that was the case, it looked like the stuff they might pull from the shelves and could no longer sell. The hamlet of Water Mill is not a place that is very attractive to go to because of the traffic and parking situation. A Hooters at that location might be a more attractive idea at that mini-mall than a sports bar. The foot traffic it would generate would enhance its appeal and help justify that traffic light that stalls traffic on 39 in both directions.
Faustina February 23, 2013 at 05:00 PM
Meanwhile, Supermarket Anna Tone-deaf Holst is still talking about the "need" for a mega King-Kullen to clog Rte 39 and be the center of a "shopping center". On the heels of the Board's obvious alignment with the developer, ANOTHER shopping center is being explored in terms of "need" across from B'hampton Commons. This place is more like Riverhead every day, but the tax hit makes it seem like the South of France.


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