10 Places to Pick Up Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

If the stockings hanging from the mantle seem a bit light this year, here are 10 stocking stuffer ideas.

It’s the day before Christmas Eve and you’ve been running around getting presents for everyone but you forgot about the stockings. Here is a guide to last minute stocking stuffers for people of all ages.

1. Get candy and nuts for any age or a Webkinz for the younger crowd from in Southampton Village. Candy and toys will be sure to quickly fill that empty stocking.

2. It might not be that time of year, but every surfer needs surf wax. Try in Southampton Village to pick up this thoughtful gift.

3. If it's Christmas morning and you forgot the stocking stuffers, head to in Southampton or Bridgehampton for some treats, like bags of candy or nail polish, because they will open on Christmas Day at 9 a.m.

4. For women and girls, stuff their stocking with something they need and love — underwear from in Bridgehampton Commons. You can get a set of five at a discounted rate.

5. Grab coffee or chocolate from in Hampton Bays. There are also other small gifts perfect for stockings. The added bonus is the funds made from your purchase support orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa.

6. Look for tiny toys at in Southampton Village. They have a variety of toys; get a tiny figurine of a Smurf or a small stuffed animal.

7. If you got a new Blu-ray player or HDTV as a gift for the family, throw a movie from in Water Mill in the stocking to give everyone a hint.

8. A gift certificate is always a nice surprise to find in your stocking. Try one to the in Southampton Village so your recipient can pick up coffee with a friend.

9. Get lottery tickets, a pen or other small office supplies from in Southampton Village.

10. If it fits, use a bottle of wine from in Southampton for the adult with a hard stocking to fill.


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