10 Places to Buy Electronics for Gifts

Everyone has something electronic on the wish list, so make someones day by giving the gift of technology.

You can buy an electronic gift for almost anyone on your gift list. The magnitude of the gift can vary from headphones or an electronic toy to a new computer or home theater system; no matter what you will impress your recipient.

1. in Southampton is lined with televisions, sound systems and anything you can imagine for the best entertainment. Head there if you are not sure what you want to get yet and want to see your options. The staff will help you find the best gift.

2. in Bridgehampton has the latest smartphones, cellphones and accessories so if you want your loved ones to jump for joy get them the latest smartphone and accessories.

3. If you want a customized laptop, desktop or iPod for a more personalized gift use in Sag Harbor. They will to there best to help create the exact computer or iPod you want to give.

4. If you want excellent customer service when picking out an electronic go to in Bridgehampton. They have the typical stereos, headphones, cellphones and GPS devices but they also have gadgets you can play with such as remote control cars.

5. in Bridgehampton has all the variety will the lowest prices. You can find toys, televisions and almost any type of electronic gift you want. So if you can’t find it anywhere else it will probably be at K-Mart.

6. in Bridgehampton has a variety of cameras and accessories so if you know someone on your gift list has a photographic eye, carefully select a camera that’s the best fit.

7. Home theaters are a whole new level of entertainment. If you want to surprise your family by setting up a home theater in your living room go to the professionals in that field, in Water Mill.

8. Has your daughter been talking about getting an iPad for a year now? in Sag Harbor is the East End supplier of Apple products, so get an iPod, MacBook or iPad for your loved one.

9. Have an artsy friend? Get a camera or camera accessories from in Southampton Village.

10. The place to go for electronics is in Riverhead. Although it’s a hike they have the best selection of electronics. They have everything from CDs to stereos to projectors to game consoles and video games from the cheapest to the best quality.


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