10 Gift Ideas for Your Boss

If you have a great boss, get a gift this holiday to show your appreciation.

Are you racking your brain for something to get your boss? Look no further because one of these gifts will surely be perfect.

1. Get your boss something special to use in the home. in Water Mill has an array of holiday themed decorations and other gifts, such as orchids, candelabras and pottery.

2. Your boss probably needs office supplies. Get a calendar, a planner or a quality pen set from in Southampton Village.

3. Have you noticed your boss slurping down coffee at work? Get a gift of gourmet coffee at in Water Mill.

4. in Southampton Village has office furniture or a briefcase that your boss will fawn over.

5. Most bosses will appreciate a nice bottle of wine from in Southampton Village.

6. Get a cheese gift basket from in Southampton Village. The staff can help you pick out the best type of cheese for your boss.

7. in East Hampton has fun gifts for the boss with a sweet tooth.

8. If you are close with your boss, frame a picture of the day you made a huge  deal or a memorable moment from last year’s Christmas party at in Southampton Village.

9. You can find almost anything at in Southampton Village. Try a candle set or a soda maker.

10. For a boss that is young at heart, pick up a game, like Bananagrams or Apples to Apples, from in Southampton Village. 


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