Water Pipe Breaks in The Commons

A pipe to the sprinkler system in the Verizon Store in the Bridgehampton Commons burst on Wednesday.

The pipe broke after the heat shut down in the store in the midst of the cold front the South Fork is experiencing.

Fire chiefs were called to the Verizon store just after 12 noon. Before chiefs arrived, dispatchers received calls from other stores in the same building.

Alarms were going off in Panera Bread, Staples and Williams Sonoma.

Water flooded the Verizon store and leaked over to the Sunglass Hut next store. No other stores had leaks, though American Eagle reported a leak earlier in the day that was in the process of being cleaned up.

Bridgehampton Fire Chief Gary Horsburgh said he shut off the water to the fire suppression system. He called for the Southampton Town Fire Marshal, who made the decision that the stores could remain open if maintenance workers quickly responded to repair the broken pipe.

Horsburgh said workers were on their way.

Panera Bread was briefly closed and was having trouble silencing their alarm.

No other leaks were reported in The Commons.


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