Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships


      Every now and then you come across a book that makes you pause and say, If only I had read this years ago. Cindi Sansone–Braff’s latest effort, Why Good People Can’t Leave Bad Relationships, is such a book. With a slashing style she cuts through the taboos of manipulation in marriage relationships, jobs, families and friendships. This book will make you wince because bells and lights will be going on in your brain as you turn every page. She exposes the ways manipulation is used against decent minded people.

       If you find yourself always forgiving the same people over and over for the same things, or ignoring bad behaviors there are chapters in this effort for you. Every page seems to have a life lesson in it. This book may end up as a game changer in human behavior to all those who read it. 

     For full disclosure Ms. Braff is now my wife, but the brilliance in this book is just a window in why I feel lucky about that.

It is available on amazon.com


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