'Of Mice and Men' at Cultural Center

Public performances are Thursday through Sunday in Southampton.

at the is putting on John Steinbeck’s  classic "Of Mice and Men" Thursday through Sunday at the Levitas Center for the Arts.

Now in its second and final week at the Levitas Center for the Arts, "Of Mice and Men" examines how the emotionally and physically handicapped fit into the country's landscape, according to Center Stage. 

“The novella has never been more timely, in my opinion, as many individual visions and versions of the American Dream are being tested and trailed," said director Michael Disher. "What we are prepared to do and sacrifice for these dreams has never been more relevant or prevalent.”

The public performances are followed by two morning show dates for local students, Monday and Tuesday, followed by a talk with the actors.

The cast of 10 features Vincent Carbone, Robert Florio, Richard Gardini, WPPB's Bonnie Grice, Eugene Hamilton, Charles Parshley, Billy Paterson, Christopher Tyrkko and stars Joe Pallister as George and Seth Hendricks as Lennie.

"Of Mice and Men is a tale of two migrant workers, George Milton, an intelligent and cynical man, and Lennie Small, an ironically named man of large stature and immense strength but limited mental abilities," according to Center Stage. "The two share a dream of owning their own land and an unspoken bond of close friend and protector to one another.

"George and Lennie find work at a ranch near Soledad, California, that appears menacing and dangerous and will, ultimately, prove to be life changing. Surrounded by fellow dreamers and social outcasts, George and Lennie learn that dreams too often come with a higher price than expected."

The play is presented in three acts with two brief intermissions.

Showtimes are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. on the stage of The Levitas Center for the Arts at the . General admission is $22, students (under 21 with ID) are $10, and seniors are $20 on Fridays at the door only. Group rates are available. Adults of 10 or more are $20 for any performance. Reservations are encouraged. For tickets, call Southampton Cultural Center at 631-287-4377 or go online to www.scc-arts.org to purchase tickets with a special check-in that avoids the line at the door.


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