Don't Miss: 'The Mistress of Monticello' at Southampton Cultural Center

Staged reading planned of play about the relationship between President Thomas Jefferson and his mistress, Sally Hemings.

Performances planned earlier this month of "The Mistress of Monticello" at Southampton Cultural Center were postponed due to a blizzard, but now the staged readings will take place this Friday and Saturday.

The play, written and directed by Tina Andrews, is about the relationship between President Thomas Jefferson and his slave and mistress, Sally Hemings. The play is the basis for Andrews' CBS miniseries "Sally Hemings An American Scandal."

Andrews, a former "Days of Our Lives" actress, is the screenwriter behind the film "Why Do Fools Fall in Love."

Andrews' abstract art is on display, along with five other artists, in the Cultural Center's gallery as part of the Black History Month Exhibit entitled "Visual Heritage IV."

Friday and Saturday's shows will begin at 8 p.m. General admission is $10, while tickets for students younger than 21 is $5. Tickets are available at the door.


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