Alan Cumming, Brendan Fraser among Celebs at Hamptons Film Fest Saturday

Tell us: Which celebrities have you spotted around the film festival?

The second full day at the Hamptons International Film Festival on Saturday brought out more celebrities and filmakers to screen and promote their films, such as Brendan Fraser, who stars in "Whole Lotta Sole" and Trudie Styler, who is co-hosting the festival's "Focus on UK Films." Alan Cumming also gave a talk at Bay Street Theatre on Saturday. Along with many others, they have made appearances at the film festival's headquarters, c/o the Maidstone in East Hampton Village. 

Which celebrities have you spotted around the film festival?

joelle N Musso October 07, 2012 at 12:40 PM
about that festival, last night we had tickets so see Tichard Gere being rewarded for a life time achievement , they over sold the tickets, and 80 people found themselves behind closed doors, that was bad! The night before at the party at East Hampton Point, people were drinking and barely an hors d'oeuvre served, when you have to drive that farm you better eat and drink. The parking was so disorganized, we got blocked by a car that was parked by a supposed valet Parker.so NO thank, I rather go see a show on Broawday.
leslie October 07, 2012 at 04:18 PM
TELL THEM ALL TO LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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