Aerial Photos: Completed Parrish Art Museum Opened to the Public

See a bird's eye view of the new Parrish in Water Mill.

The new Parrish Art Museum on Montauk Highway in Water Mill opened its doors to the public on Saturday. The day prior, aerial photographer Jeff Cully of East End Fine Art Services captured these pics of the completes museum and grounds.

Cully has tracked the progress of the Parrish via aerial photography since April 2011.

Review the Parrish construction with more slide shows:

April 2011:
June 2011:
Parrish Project Progresses
July 2011: New Parrish in Water Mill Coming Along
October 2011: New Parrish Closer to Completion
December 2011: Roofers Work on the New Parrish
February 2012:
Work on New Parrish Continues in Mild February
March 2012: New Parrish Art Museum on Track
October 2012: New Parrish to Open in a Month; Explore the Site With Aerial Photos

Bbambi November 11, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Jerry Can November 11, 2012 at 10:32 PM
I understand the best view is from inside...
S.B. Bonacker November 11, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Sorry if my comments are without mercy, but I just came back from the opening: 1) It looks better from the air than from the ground. The outdoor facade is a hideous, unfinished concrete (I hope this is still a work in progress). Looks like Communist Europe in the 50's. 2) the outdoor seating is also in concrete and your butt freezes within 2 minutes. Can't sit there even on a warm day like today without a cushion or something. 3) The lighting inside the galleries - hideous. Bare flourescent tubes nailed to the ceiling, no sleeves, looking very sterile and cold. Does not show the artwork and colors well. 4) The noise level, ugh. No sound absorption anywhere. You have to shout to your companion to be heard! 5) Why the bare lightbulbs in the bathroom walls? I also hope they are still waiting on the delivery of lighting fixtures. 6) The parking = nightmare. So many cars up & down the highway, people darting across the highway, nothing to slow traffic down. Accidents waiting to happen. There was no parking whatsoever available in the main lot if you arrived after 11am. There should be a valet option available on weekends, I'm sure the elderly and people with kids will be happy to pay for it! I did like the high ceilings, wood beams and skylights. The cafe was also nice but also noisy. I hope they will fine tune the flaws and be the best they can be! I already miss the beautiful old building in town they were in.


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